According to my earlier blog this month this week is supposed to be about health.  It is and it is also about being cost-conscious.

According to the Mayo Clinic “Red wine, in moderation, has long been thought of as heart-healthy. The alcohol and certain substances in red wine called antioxidants may help prevent coronary artery disease, the condition that leads to heart attacks.”

I am a Wine SNOB.

What does Wine SNOB really mean?  To me, it is that I like good to great wines at a price that does not make me sick to my stomach before I have had my wine and dinner.

Restaurants that buy, sell and serve wine deserve the right to charge their price.  That is the incredible part of being a consumer, I have a choice.

My choice is to support the local owner/restaurateur who also happens to have BYOB.  It is a win for them and for me. They get a loyal customer and I get to drink the wine I want.

That is why I enjoy dining and supporting the local restaurants that are BYOB.  BYOB offers a combination of great food and a bottle of wine at my price.  The following are my five favorite BYOB restaurants plus a new place that my friends are talking about that is on my soon to try list.

 Covino’s Pasta and Pizza – Covino’s has been serving its Plano neighbors since 1990, and on the weekends, the place is jammed with families waiting patiently for solid pizza, calzones, and hearty pasta dishes served by sweet-natured high schoolers. The Abruzzi bread—perfect flour-dusted pizza dough stuffed with sausage, pepperoni, provolone, and fresh spinach and then sliced—is worth that weekend wait.   The family runs the place and makes you feel like your dining at home. How well do I like it?  I have celebrated 3 of my last 4 birthdays at Covino’s.  Tell Joe I sent you!

Urbano Café – Tucked in East Dallas and right next door to Jimmy’s Food Market. At dinnertime, the white tablecloths come out, and the kitchen turns out fairly priced fine dining options, many prepared using fresh produce from Tom Spicer’s shop next door. The menu is small, with a rotating selection of blackboard specials.  Fine dining and BYOB.          

Simon’s Sushi – Located just off the intersection of 75 and Plano Parkway in a strip center, you will find an incredible family-owned sushi restaurant. Simon is the head sushi chef, greeter, and entertainment all wrapped in one package.  Sit at the Sushi bar and get to know Simon, he is always up to the conversation and will gladly join you for a drink if you offer.  Ask for the special menu, that is where you find his creations and original sushi offerings, and in my opinion, the best items.  Try the “BTS” roll and see if you don’t agree.

 Thai Thumbz – A new entry into our rotation, in the east side of Richardson in the Shire shopping center, is authentic Thai with fresh ingredients, served in an enjoyable setting. The portions are shareable.  Be careful when you order your spice level as the Thai chefs are liberal in making your meal enjoyable and hot.

 20 Feet Seafood Joint – Hidden in East Dallas off Peavy Road is the best Lobster Roll in Texas.  You might recognize co-owner and chef Marc Cassel and have experienced his food in Dallas at Baby Routh, The Mansion, Star Canyon and The Green Room.  Try the daily specials and enjoy the music when you go.  Just remember to get their early or plan to bring an extra bottle as you wait for your table.  Make sure you order the mussels.  This recipe is one that we make at home nearly weekly during the summer.

 Bonus New Place

Hello Dumpling – Amazingly in the same shopping center as 20 Feet Seafood.  As one of my friends told me, “Hello Dumpling is one of our favorite hidden gems – their dumplings are heavenly and their beef noodles can cure any cold or make any rainy day a lot warmer. While we love to opt for the green tea when we are there, you can also bring along drinks to pair!

These are my Top 5 + 1 – What are yours?  Got a favorite?  Leave a comment and then let’s find a time to go together.

You find the place and the time and II will bring the wine

Thanks again for all the comments and feedback.

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