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How Do You Know If Tannery Company is a Good Fit?

Choosing the right financial professional is an important decision. When it’s all said and done, that partner will either make you money or cost you money.

At Tannery Company, we believe that everyone deserves a clear, straightforward picture of their personal and business finances – and a strategy to grow and manage both.

Great-fit clients are businesses and individuals whom we know our expertise and the process will produce positive results for them.

If the following resonates with you, let’s talk to confirm fit.

Clients typically hire us when one or more of the following is true…

  • They’ve outgrown their current professional.
  • Their business is newly complex or experiencing growing pains.
  • They realize they can’t do it on their own.
  • They value a long-term partnership with financial professionals.
  • They seek financial expertise, coaching, and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • They’re looking for a tech-savvy firm to provide on-the-go visibility.
  • They value a long-term partnership that spans generations.

We’re probably not a good fit if…

  • You’re simply looking for a commoditized service, not an ongoing relationship with a professional services firm.
  • You don’t trust the professional and would rather do it yourself.
  • You are married but your spouse won’t actively participate in your finances.
  • You’re simply looking to get your tax return done.
  • You only want to meet once a year to discuss your finances.
  • You’re only interested in bookkeeping or categorizing.

What types of clients do we work with?

Our clients are professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses focused on financial growth.

  • Professionals with licenses (e.g., commercial real estate, law, healthcare professionals)
  • Creative services professionals.
  • Top achievers in their profession (and those looking to be).
  • Professionals transitioning from being a W2 employee to owning a business, a partnership, or starting a business.

We do not work with restaurants, bars, liquor, or start-ups.

Partner with Tannery Company,
a firm that is…






At Tannery Company, we take pride in our Texas roots but can take on clients across the U.S. through virtual platforms. We can guide you with your financial goals, wherever you are located through our tech-savvy software and communication channels. You’ll always have visibility on your finances and be able to reach someone on our team quickly.

Are we a good fit?

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