Your single trusted source for tax, accounting, and wealth management

Timely advice delivered through modern, tech-savvy services to give you financial peace of mind.

Timely, advice delivered through modern, tech-savvy services to give you financial peace of mind.


Minimize your income tax for businesses and individuals.


Save time and energy and focus on what you love and makes you money.

Wealth Management

Build your future with
experienced advice and a
customized portfolio.

Managing your money shouldn’t be that hard. You deserve to always enjoy a clear, straightforward picture of your personal and business finances — and a strategy to grow and manage both.

A total approach to your
financial well-being.

When you’re forced to rely on separate advisors and firms for different aspects of your finances, it leaves you vulnerable to blind spots. You could be missing opportunities to earn more from your money, and to keep more of what you earn. We know how frustrating that is. Worse, we know how confusing it is when your financial picture is so scattered.

The pros at Tannery Company offer you a different way to see things. Michael Tannery, CPA, AIF®, CDFA®, our principal advisor, brings decades of financial experience and acumen to every one of our clients. Together with the rest of our team, he makes it easy to keep your personal and business finances in focus by keeping it all connected.

You’ll never be without sound, timely advice for your most pressing financial questions. Tannery Company is a modern, tech-savvy firm. You’ll always have secure access to your financial information, anywhere, anytime.

What is more, you’ll always have an authentic relationship you can count on for care, vision, and growth.

Client Stories

The Tannery Company team has one goal in mind:
making it easier for you to understand, manage, and grow your net worth.


Founder, CEO


Senior Vice


Chief Operating


Director of
Client Services


Director of
Client Services


Director of 
Accounting Services


Digitized Financial Planning

What is financial planning? Is it a piece of paper that tells you you will need enormous amounts of money at a certain point in your life? A chart or a graph depicting whether your “plan” can be successful? When…
CPAs need to make you money

January 2023 The Basic Skills

Happy New Year! We hope the final weeks of 2022 were full of rest and joy for you. It was, and this is atheme of the 2020s, quite the year. A major global superpower brutally invaded a neighboring country, Covid-19…

The financial Independence you’ve
been searching for.

With accounting, tax, and wealth management advice from Tannery Company, you’ll have the strategy and confidence you need to conquer whatever the future holds.

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