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2021 Resolutions

2021 Resolutions

The year that seems to last for five years has ended.  Yet, has that changed anything?  No, it is just a date on a calendar that allows us to clean the board and start over.

Many of you made resolutions on December 31 about goals for the new year.

Have you checked back in with them to see if you are on track?.

Statistically, the first day of a goal is the most difficult.  Want to set a goal?  Decide what your goal is and divide it by ten.

Make that your goal.

A speaker and author that I enjoy reading and receiving his weekly blog is Jon Acuff.  I would encourage you to get his weekly emails and see how they fit you and your organization.

Recently, he wrote about “How to Read 100 Books in a Year”. 


Did You Invite a Cyber Criminal to Thanksgiving?

Did You Invite a Cyber Criminal to Thanksgiving?

We have all been exposed to some pretty heavy stuff lately—it has been a massive year—but as we head towards Thanksgiving, I thought I would take a break from COVID-19 and election madness to alert you to make you and your family safer and possibly save you up to $25,000.

My recommendation has little to do with your investments; however, it could save you and your family thousands of dollars in today’s cyber connected world.

We are all dealing with working from home and learning from home and exposing yourself to cyberattacks.  Most universities and colleges are closing at Thanksgiving, and the kids are coming home, which only increases the online presence in your house.

Cyberattacks are BIG BUSINESS.

The professionalism and sophisticated approach to cyberattacks are increasing daily.


Michael Tannery Unplugged Scattershooting

Michael Tannery Unplugged Scattershooting

A couple of significant influences in my life are both sports-related.  I am sure that comes as little surprise to those that have know me for a long or short time.

The first was Blackie Sherrod, an American journalist and sportswriter who wrote for the Temple Telegram, Fort Worth Press, Dallas Times Herald, and The Dallas Morning News in a career that spanned more than sixty years. I was a Dallas Times Herald paperboy (early entrepreneurial experience) when I first read his columns.

On Sunday, his column was Scattershooting, which makes him the world’s first blogger.

The other influence is Dale Hansen of WFAA.  I despise him for what he did in 1986, leading to SMU Football getting the death penalty.   Despite that, he was doing what the leaders at SMU would not do.  He was doing his job.  The undercover reporting spring boarded him in his television career that now counts 37 years at WFAA, and he just signed a new two-year contract.

Dale Hansen’s Unplugged started in 1982 with his Thank God For Kids and has evolved over the years.  You either agree with him or you do not, and both of those are ok.

Over the decade of writing nearly weekly blogs, there have been times when I just wanted to say what was on my mind.  Yes, I usually would go ahead, but I decided based on a few events this week that I would, from time to time, have my mixture of being unplugged and Scattershooting.  I would hope that both Blackie and Dale would appreciate the effort.



2020 Has Been Taxing Enough

2020 Has Been Taxing Enough

The 2020 Election

Thankfully at 4:05 on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, my 2020 election experience ended.

I went and voted.

No, I did not go vote early or stand in line for hours.  Thankfully, all of you had previously voted, and when I arrived, there were twelve poll workers and one voter – me.

I say my election experience ended simply because my casting my vote was completing my part.

How about you?  Did you vote?

The Mutual Fund Taxes are Coming

What Gains are in your Mutual Fund?

Tax frenzy may reach a fever pitch in April, but it is a mistake to only consider your tax bill around tax time.


Black Friday is DEAD

Black Friday is DEAD

Black Friday is dead.

There are 75 shopping days until Christmas, and most of what is going to be purchased this year will be online.

There will be very little hearing of the Salvation Armey bells ringing as you approach the shopping mall.  They are going to need to rewrite the lyrics to Up on the Housetop.

Sing-Along – The “old” version is

Up on the Housetop, reindeer pause
Out jumps good ol’ Santa Claus
Down through the chimney with lots of toys
All for the little ones’ Christmas joys

Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t go
Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t go
Up on the Housetop, click, click, click
Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick