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2020 Has Been Taxing Enough

2020 Has Been Taxing Enough

The 2020 Election

Thankfully at 4:05 on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, my 2020 election experience ended.

I went and voted.

No, I did not go vote early or stand in line for hours.  Thankfully, all of you had previously voted, and when I arrived, there were twelve poll workers and one voter – me.

I say my election experience ended simply because my casting my vote was completing my part.

How about you?  Did you vote?

The Mutual Fund Taxes are Coming

What Gains are in your Mutual Fund?

Tax frenzy may reach a fever pitch in April, but it is a mistake to only consider your tax bill around tax time.


Nine Changes from The SECURE ACT You need to know by Michael Tannery

Nine Changes from The SECURE ACT You need to know by Michael Tannery

Last week’s blog Timeout was a lead to the coming weeks as being focused on how to make you “wealthier”.  We interrupt the planned schedule to give you the latest change to your retirement, estate, and tax planning courtesy of Congress and President Trump.  These changes are going to impact all of you in your planning and financial life.

As has become usual practice, Congress passed some meaningful tax legislation as it recessed for the holidays.


In one of the new meaningful laws, passed on December 19, you will find the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019 (SECURE Act).

The SECURE Act made many changes to how you save money for your retirement, how you use your money in retirement, and how you can better use your Section 529 plans.

Whether you are age 35 or age 75, these changes affect you.

Here are nine of the changes.


San Diego, Summer, and Radiation

San Diego, Summer, and Radiation

Good morning from sunny San Diego!

I am attending the Independent Financial Group National Conference this Wednesday through Saturday.   It is a great time to reconnect with fellow advisors and Industry leaders and also enjoy cool and sunny San Diego.

The things you must think about if you are in San Diego in August.  Such as, do I need a sweater?

Seriously, I realize that the weather in DFW is normal hot August and I will be right back in it with you later this weekend. Next weekend is Labor Day and the unofficial final weekend to Summer.


2019 06 07 Tax Reminder


Estimated payments for the 2nd quarter are due June 17, 2019.

**The IRS allows you to use your pre-printed 1040-ES Vouchers or you can pay your estimated taxes directly using IRS DIRECT Payments.