Have you ordered anything online to be delivered to you during the Covid-19 crisis?

I am willing to state that I think at least 80% of you have; however, what I want to know is two-fold.

Did you use technology to save money when you are doing this;

Did you make sure that you are not “going broke saving money,”  and stay within your weekly or monthly budget?

If you know me, then you know that I am a BIG FAN of credit cards that have rewards.  I have cards set up for all the recurring items that happen in our house and business.  I do not use a debit card.

Our ordering online gets us points every time.

How then can you maximize your spending online since we all seem to be doing more of this every day, and the growth of online shopping continues?

Michael’s Shopping Maximizers

In full disclosure, these are not mine; however, I use them, and they maximize my points and my cashback.

Browser Extensions

You may not be using browser extensions, yet you will understand the concept.  All smartphones have “APPs.”  An APP is a program built to run on your phone.

A browser extension is similar to an APP.  It is an added program that runs in the background while you are using your browser of choice.

These are the APP’s that I have installed for online shopping.

Rakuten.com  – Stores pay Rakuten a commission for referring you to them.  When you go to a website, and you have the Rakuten browser extension installed, It pops up with a CASHBACK button.  It is that simple.  If you purchase from the site during that visit, you get cashback.

Wikibuy.com  – Wikibuy finds better offers from other sellers while you browse Amazon products or when you search on Wikibuy directly. If the product has selectable options like size and color, Wikibuy will start working as soon as you pick your options. If your product doesn’t have any options, Wikibuy will begin working immediately. When there are savings, Wikibuy will display the lowest-priced match within 10-15 seconds.

So far this year on these two APP’s,  I have earned nearly $100.00 in cashback rewards and additional savings.

Credit Card Offers

In addition to getting points that you can redeem for travel and other awards, many of the major credit cards (Chase, Bank of America) have discount offers.

The catch is you have to log on either on the website or on your mobile phone app and select the offers.  These are then stored, and when you use your card at the merchant during that time, then you get cashback as a credit in your account.

Simple, yes, remembering to do it is the catch.

Offers I have redeemed in the last 30 days are Kindle Unlimited, Petsmart, Taco Cabana, Audible.com, La Madeline, Piada, Staples, Starbucks

Get Started

While you are sitting around this weekend wondering what time happy hour starts and what are you going to stream this evening get started.

Go online and download the browser extension of just click the links above to get set up and start earning your cashback.

Then open up the app for your credit card and start selecting the discounts you might use.

Maximize the shopping experience and get paid.


Our company plans to return to the office are still in the planning stage.  We have been successful in working remotely, but we all miss the little conveniences of being together at the office.

As we work together to find the right approach, we will keep you informed.

Got something on your mind or have a question?

All of this can occur even at a distance.

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