The beginning of Spring typically coincides with the religious holidays of Easter for the Christian faith and Passover for the Jewish faith.

Both holidays are times of new beginnings.

What about your finances?  Do they need a resurrection or an exodus from the financial life you living?

These are the ten rules for a stress-free financial life that you can put in place so that you and your family can be financially independent.

Conquer Your Finances

  1. Avoid Credit Card Debt like it is the plague. Pay off your credit cards monthly.


  1. Work on improving your credit score. Achieve a score of over 740 by paying down your balances and keeping your credit utilization under 30%.  Want to know how?  SCHEDULE A MEETING


  1. Pay yourself first, not last. How much money you make is not as important as how much of your income you save. .


  1. Get clear on the highest priorities for your money Examine your monthly spending. My priorities are good wine, food, and Marlowe.  If my monthly discretionary spend is going to other priorities, it is time to re-evaluate those expenses.


  1. Make big purchases at the right time. Overextending yourself on purchases like a car, a house, or a college education can become the money pit from which you never escape.   Have a plan for making big purchases.


  1. The match is free, take it! If your employer offers a match on your retirement – take it.  The match might be the only place where there truly is free money.


  1. Minimize taxes to increase your net worth. Taxes matter – all taxes you incur, including income tax, real estate tax, and sales tax.


  1. Talk about money with your spouse or significant other. Those are hard conversations but are a lot cheaper than a divorce and starting over.


  1. Indulge yourself in small luxuries AFTER you have paid yourself first for savings and retirement. The lack of money stress will make you happier and happy people live longer.


  1. Know your net worth. Set goals annually and measure your success.   One-year goals are doable and will also help you with talking about money with your spouse.


Step one is having a plan, and our Tannery Company team make that happen for you.

If you are ready to resurrect your finances and start your exodus from the financial prison you find yourself in, then SCHEDULE A MEETING now.

Enjoy the Spring Weekend with your family.

Our Tannery Team is off this Friday to be with their family, and we will be back in the office on Monday, April 5, 2021.

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