We are in the middle of a Texas heat wave and it is just unbearable.

For those of you that have migrated to Texas in the last five years, I say welcome to Texas heat.  We have had “mild” summers over last five summers and just so you know and understand, we have not gotten to the hot part.  That comes in August.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday and I saw that Chris Gescheidle had several posts where he was selling bicycle gear and helmets.  Chris is a great cyclist and triathlon coach.  I called him to make sure that he was not giving up cycling.  I still believe that there is a day in my future where I will be the windshield and he will be the bug on one of our rides.  (Take a moment and ponder that)

Chris assured me that he was not giving up cycling but that he and Dana, his better half were focused on decluttering their lives.  I totally understand how he feels and I have experienced the freeing feeling of making life simple.  With the idea from Chris and Dana, I give you my Top Five Ways to Beat the Heat Financial Olympian™ Style and make life simpler.

  • Clean your closet – Simple to achieve however you need a method to your madness.  First act with my approach.  Grab a trash bag and head to your closet.  My rule is if I have not worn it in a year it needs to go to someone who can benefit from it.  We all have those pieces of clothing that we think we just might wear again sometime.  (Your High School Letter Jacket gets a pass on this clean out) You’re not going to wear it before Jimmy Hoffa comes back.  Just admit it and move on.  A great place to take them is Hopes Door Resale Store in Plano.Clean your garage – This needs to be accomplished early in the day if you are going to beat the heat.  I am constantly AMAZED driving around the DFW area when I see a garage that is piled high with boxes and stuff.  Again, this is where you need to exercise self-control and give it away.  Do you really need 15 coolers?  Empty the garage and you can put your car inside.  What a great result.  A cooler car and a clean garage.

    Get some exercise – Get up early before the heat becomes too oppressive and go for a walk, a run or maybe get the bicycle that is hanging in the garage for the last five years and go for a bike ride.  Makes taking that nap in the middle of the afternoon under the ceiling fan that much better.

    Take a road trip  – There is arguably no better way to spend a hot summer Saturday than by floating the river, and while the much-publicized “can ban” in New Braunfels changed the rules, it should be noted that toobers can still drink on the Comal—just bring your beverages in non-disposable containers visit watertherules.com for more information). For those bent on bringing a beer cooler, drive out to the Guadalupe, Frio and San Marcos rivers, where the pastime of renting a tube just for your Igloo full of Icehouse remains the same. Or if you desire a more relaxed scene (minus the antics of booze-soaked students from local colleges) set out to Brinks Crossing in Center Point, Texas, located ten miles outside of Kerrville. Stock up on provisions and rent tubes at Dave’s Place (170 Center Point River Road, 830-634-3166, davesbackdoorpottery.com), which is located along the Guadalupe River. Once you’re nicely pruned, jump out for a picnic on the sandy shore.

    Read a book – Disconnect from your electronic devices and read a book.  A few of my favorites include David Baldacci, David Halberstam October 1964 and Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End.  Go to your locally owned Half Price Bookstore and get one of these or any other book you want to read.  Take the whole family and spend the day reading books and eating popsicles.

    No matter what you do stay hydrated and wear your sunblock if you are outside.

    Going to clean out that front closet on Saturday #becauseIsaidIwould

    What are you going to do to Beat the Heat?

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