It’s a hang on kinda ride, whispin’ in through space and time,
Rockin’ this big old rock just tryn’a have fun
So let’s drink another beer, here’s to another year,
Let’s take another crazy trip around the sun – 
Kenny Chesney Trip Around the Sun

Today marks the end of one year and the beginning of another for me.  Days like today make you take note of what has gone on for the last year and what may be coming in the year ahead.

I have thought often about the current narratives that are going on in society.  I sense a change that has occurred through the lens of social media that is confusing many today.

The English language is difficult, and words can become confusing.  Two words often spelled the same mean completely different things.  For example – Please polish the Polish furniture.  The same word yet one is a verb and one is a noun.

Today society struggles with the word character.  Both definitions are used as nouns however one definition is strength and originality in a person’s nature.  When others speak of your character using this definition, it is perceived to be a compliment.

The other definition of character is negative and not perceived as a good compliment.  “He’s a real character” which is defined as an interesting or amusing person.

My Character

My formative years it was stressed to me that it was far more important about who you became then what you became.

It was important to develop your character.

Did you have empathy and compassion for others?

Did you care about people?

I know in my own life there are probably more times that I have failed than succeeded at this.  Despite having a less than 100% result myself, I know it is absolutely worth the effort.

I will continue to focus on who I can be and not what I can be.

Enjoy your celebration of the Best Country in the World as we begin a very elongated 4th of July weekend.

Thanks for your friendships and connections over the years.

It’s a Birthday kind of week

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