I want you to know how nice it has been to be back and enjoying our new office.  (Thanks, Jennifer and Jill).  I have missed seeing and visiting with all our great clients and friends over the last couple of months.

I want to personally say “thank you” to everyone who prayed for us and kept us in your thoughts, sent cards and whatever else you did to support us while I have been away.

I am overwhelmed and humbled by the out pouring of support. You have made my journey much lighter and every day brighter.

Over the years Michael and I have often used the quote “Go Big or Go Home” as humor as we took on new challenges and opportunities.

It appears that our “saying” has applied to my cancer diagnosis.  While I was ready for life to be back to normal my journey has a few more steps to go.

As part of my diagnosis, my doctors performed a Mamma Print Test.  The Genomic tests analyzes a sample of my cancer tumor to see how active certain genes are. The activity level of these genes affects the behavior of the cancer, including how likely it is to grow, spread and reoccur.

My results took me from low risk to high risk.  Together with my Doctor, I am taking the proactive approach to reduce the opportunity for the cancer to reoccur.

Today, I will begin 4 chemotherapy treatments spaced evenly over twelve weeks followed by twenty-eight radiation treatments.  I have a busy next fifteen weeks!

As I take on this next “Go Big or Go Home” challenge, I will continue to be working both from home and the office.  (I do appreciate our technology and clouded office)

Jennifer, Jill, Buddy and Michael continue to be in the office, and I have complete trust in our team to keep the service level high and continue our amazing growth.

Thank you again for all your support through this journey!

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