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Take a moment and Google #tranformationtuesday and the top two searches are for #transformationtuesday on instagram and tumblr. Click on either and you will see pictures of people documenting the transformation that they have made. Most of these are physical improvements.
What I wonder is where is the #tranformationmoney hashtag. These would be the individuals and couples that have changed their life, in such a way that their future has a completely different course and future.
Most of the successful changes I see in financial lives start with the same three steps that I use to define “Becoming a Financial Olympian”.

I want to share a success story of one of our clients as they Became Financial Olympians.

When we first met this couple, they were a recently married couple with many of the financial trappings of so many of their generations closing in on age 30. Both were college educated with well paying jobs and no children. In spite of making nearly $200,000 per year together they were Financial Zombies.

They came to us wanting a fresh start, so together we created a plan. We monitored their progress, provided support for the difficult decisions, and cheered as they took strides towards success.
This plan required that they have a do-over and begin new habits that would be painful for a while.


Step one of this plan was to overcome the credit card debt they had amassed. They had to have a spending plan that focused on eliminating debt and creating savings. That required 18 months of sacrificing the weekly trips to bars and restaurants.

Difficult, yes – Impossible, no.

They did it and just like the pictures you see in #transformationtuesday the results were remarkable.

Step two was to refinance their house on a 10 year mortgage and focusing on personal savings, retirement savings, and eliminating the house debt. Now I know what you are thinking, they must live a boring life. NO, they travel, dine out and enjoy life as a couple now in their 30’s with children.

They have continued with their plan and on Monday, I received an email.

Simply put it said.


Does this couple have Super Hero Powers? No, they made a commitment to their future, and quit judging themselves against other couples by focusing on themselves and Becoming Financial Olympians.

Our entire Tannery & Company team celebrates with and for them.

Do you want to Become A Financial Olympian?

Give our team a call and we can work together to create a plan for you, your family, and your future.

A couple of simple thoughts as you ponder what to do.

1. You cannot claim ignorance of your financial situation

2. A “No” decision is a decision

3. Don’t hope that change will occur – you must make it happen


Step 1 – Save 10% of your gross pay each pay period until you have a year’s gross salary. This will be your emergency and base for lifetime savings, and over the years you will realize how important this simple step is.

Step 2 – Participate in your retirement plan provided by your company beginning with your first day. Start with at least 3% and increase each year by 1% until you are contributing the maximum. If your company does not have a retirement plan, then start an IRA and follow the same plan.

Step 3 – DO NOT USE CREDIT CARDS, they are a cancer on your financial health and rob you of opportunity and your future.

Leave your comments below or email me how you are escaping the clutches of keeping up with the Jones.

Michael Tannery CPA CDFA™ AIF® ● CEO
Registered Principal
Be A Financial Olympian

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