A passenger on a ship crossing the Pacific Ocean from Sydney, Australia to San Francisco, California sought out the captain and began complaining that they were not making progress and were not going to arrive in San Francisco, California on time.  The Captain listened and then invited the passenger to meet him at the back of the boat in 30 minutes for cocktails.

The passenger arrived to find the Captain seated at a table that had been arranged for them with the cocktail of his choice awaiting.  After a few minutes of general conversation, the Captain began discussing how the voyage was on time and reviewing the islands and landmarks that they had passed in the past week.

He then set his drink down and said, “If you are always standing on the front of the boat you miss the trip.”

2017 Into 2018

2017 comes to a close Sunday and we move into 2018.  Many of us will make resolutions that we want to achieve or new habits that we want to adhere to in 2018.

Before starting your 2018, I encourage you to look back at 2017 and remember the journey you went through during this year.

Five questions to answer as you remember 2017

Who were the three people who had the greatest impact on your life in 2017 outside of your family?

What is the biggest risk you took in 2017?

What was your biggest triumph in 2017?

What single word best describes your 2017 experience?

What will you vow to NEVER do again?

Focus on your future with five questions to create 2018

What will be your personal theme for 2018 in five words or less?

Who will you invite to be an integral part of your life in 2018?

What is the one thing you will change and improve your personal or business finances in 2018?

What are you committed to as a service to others in 2018?

What are you willing to state out loud today to your friends, co-workers, and family that you want to be your greatest achievement for 2018?

Join me

I will post my answers on my Facebook Timeline on January 1, 2018.

I challenge you to join me in setting a tone of remembrance and creation for the year past and the year ahead by sharing this post with your friends and family

Are you in?

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