Memorial Day

A day to honor those in the United States Armed Forces who have given their life to protect our freedom.  When you see the United States Flag, take a moment, pause and give thanks to all who serve and a prayer to those families and individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Memorial Day Weekend is also the unofficial start to summer in the USA and the time to embrace “Wasted Times.”

What is wasted time?

Unscheduled, unplanned time doing the simple things of life

As kids out summers were spent riding our bikes, playing in the creek or playing any game we could make up.  All of this was outside and required very little parental supervision.

Ain’t it funny how the best days of my life was all that wasted time

– lyric from Keith Urban’s song – Wasted Time

Today, I observe adults and children over scheduled with activities and over connected with every electronic device possible.  Wasted time is where creativity is created.

We are the “Attachment Generation”.

Based on my observation about us becoming the “Attachment Generation”, I began to pose this question to friends and clients in my conversations.

“What is your daily routine and how connected are you”.

The #1 answer was –  immediately when I get up or I take my phone to bed with me.

I would get the answers and ask my favorite question – why?

Why do you have to keep your phone with you, even taking it to bed?

Why do you immediately look at it when you wake up, no matter the time of the night?

They answered with various reasons that attempted to make the attachment to their phone seem normal.

This simple idea of not having your smartphone with you 365/24/7 caused people stress.

“When people are so plugged into their devices around the clock, they often lose the ability to be fully present to themselves and to other people,” says Jeffrey Rossman, Ph.D., director of Life Management ar Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts.  “It negatively impacts our peace of mind and relationships with others.”

When is the last time you had “Wasted Time?”

If “I can’t remember” is your answer then you have become part of the Attachment Generation.  It is time for a digital detox and some “Wasted Time”.

Take my seven steps toward finding your Wasted Time.

  1. Let go of the phone – start with taking it out of the bed. Your phone needs to sleep in the other room, not in the bed or on the bedside table.  I made this change and the results are positive. (the phone was on the bedside table)
  1. Don’t touch your phone for the first 30 minutes of your day. Let your mind and your body refresh from the night’s
  1. Eliminate all of the “push” notifications on your phone and your desktop. This also includes your watch.  I see many people distracted and looking at their smart watch for the text notifications during a meeting.  It is unprofessional and inconsiderate.
  1. Drive your car without looking at your phone at stop lights. (No texting should not even be mentioned)
  1. Stop using your phone to occupy all of your free time. If you are standing in line at the grocery store, it is Ok to let your mind be unoccupied.
  1. Meals are Digital Free.
  1. Plan some wasted time each day without a screen in front of you. That includes a TV.  Go workout, take a walk or have a conversation with your spouse, your children or take a bottle of wine and go visit a neighbor.  I prefer reds however a chilled white will work this summer.

Be honest

You probably use your smartphone way more than you should, but you’re far from alone. It’s addictive checking social media, playing games and of course just staring down at it when you’re in a socially awkward situation.

Try either taking the Apps off your phone or try one of these six apps to break your addiction. 

Tell me about your results of finding your Wasted Time.



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