The first rule of any relationship, business or persona is the importance of being present.  If you are not sure about this just ask your spouse, significant other or best friend.  Today’s social media interruption led life leads to us not being present.

One of our business coaches would start every meeting with our group with the question – “Are you ready to be nowhere else?”  A simple question that makes you think about whether or not you are really present.

Over the last two-plus months of Tina’s “Great Adventure” as we call it, I have re-learned this lesson often.  In the midst of doing everything that I think needs to be done many times, it is more important in being there on the couch to watch the old movie that Tina is enjoying.  I don’t have to say or do anything I just have to be present.

The greatest source is being present that we all have experienced is with our Mothers.  For all of us, they were the ones present in our life literally from the beginning to a certain point in our life.  Unfortunately, that has changed.

I have concerns about the children of today that get parked in front of the iPad or tablet to be entertained while Mom and Dad enjoy dinner.  Have we become lazy as parents and grandparents or allowed technology to replace being present?  Don’t stop reading to read that notification that is coming in on your phone or watch.  Just be present for another 139 words.

Have you seen the child parked at the table in a restaurant wearing headphones and watching a movie/video while the “Adults” enjoy dinner?

Where do you think the ability to connect and ignite the creative mind comes from?  Interaction with people, not machines.

This Sunday we celebrate Moms.

Give them the gift that they want the most.  Be present.  Whether that is a meal together, a walk or a facetime phone call it means that you are present.

Then use that emotion of connectivity and pay it forward,

Show up every day and be present to your spouse, partner, children and fellow employees.  Our future needs you to be present  – every day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

Being present one day at a time!

PS      Tina is doing great.  She would love to hear from you.

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