In the 1970’s and through the late 1990’s, the phrase “I need to get these developed” told everyone that you had film and needed to drop it off. You had captured a “Kodak Moment”.  Yet as quickly as the digital era of photography became the norm, (See Selfies) the demise of Eastman Kodak began.  In January 2012, Eastman Kodak officially declared Bankruptcy. The Kodak Moment had become blurred as a moment in history by digital photography and the smartphone.  Things change.

In 1984, I began using Intuit’s Quicken.  It was the beginning of THE FINANCIAL OLYMPIAN™.  A magical moment for keeping track of my personal finances.  All of it was manual entry; however, as a CPA that was trained with a 13 column green work paper, a number 2 pencil and a 10 key calculator this was rocket science.  Soon thereafter Quickbooks for business was introduced and eventually gained an 85% market share of desktop accounting systems.  Quickbooks for the desktop was the gold standard for business accounting systems.  Then came change known as “The Cloud”.

In the last decade, we have been introduced to “the Cloud” aka having everything accessible no matter where you were or what device you were on.  Quickbooks Online is Intuit’s answer to being “in the cloud”.

What is Quickbooks Online?  It is like having a 2004 Motorola Flip phone.

Sometimes they still even work, yet it is about as friendly and easy to use as an umbrella in a sand storm.  Functional  – yes.  Does it really work – NO.  Accountants and business owners like Quickbooks Online about like having a tooth pulled.  Even then the pain is just dulled.  MAC Users – I have yet to meet one that likes the combination of a MAC and Quickbooks.

For nearly three decades I was an avid supporter and user of Quicken and Quickbooks.  In the summer of 2016 that came to an abrupt halt.  The obvious question should be WHY Change?


XERO is the game changer for accounting professionals and business owners.  Start using XERO and connecting the apps that work for you.  The industries and opportunities are boundless.


Xero is beautiful accounting software hosted in the cloud. That means it’s capable of providing you with anytime, anywhere access to important business financial information. Your data is completely secure even if your computer is stolen or lost. As flexible as it is intuitive,  Xero integrates with 500+ business apps.  Customize your Xero experience with specialized software for your business providing an easy-to-use interface that drives greater insight into your daily business.

There’s a lot to love about Xero:

Start up – whether you are converting from another system or a spreadsheet, Xero will have you up and running in a flash

Simple – Xero’s intuitive interface and smart design gives every business owner data in a glance

In the Cloud – instant access to your Xero account from your computer or your smart phone

Real-time – Xero captures data to give you information at your fingertips

One-stop – Xero integrates all of your accounts so you can manage them all in one place

Customizable – design an ecosystem with Xero to fit your business needs not someone else’s

Xero Mobile Accounting App – Work while you’re on the move with the Xero mobile app. Reconcile, send invoices, capture expenses and look up contact details wherever you are.

Tannery & Company + XERO

We have moved ALL of our clients to XERO and the response is always the same.  WOW, not only does it eliminate many of the repetitive time consuming daily accounting task, it allows us to work with you to go deeper into your financial information.  We look at Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to support you in your business decisions. Working together we can look for opportunities in growing your business and creating your future.


Do we work with your industry?  Well, sometimes it is all about who you know!

These are a few of the industries we work with today and are adding others weekly.

Solo and Small Law Firms – Obviously you are a smart person, you thrived in law school and passed the Bar Exam.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a class about running the ins and outs of the daily activity of a law firm.  We hear, ” I just want to practice law” a lot.  We can set up XERO integrated law system with case management and teach you how to succeed.

Professional Services  – Of course, we get this, we are Professionals.  Architects, engineers, consultants, and the creative types (Ad Agencies PR Firms) all know that we understand the basic premise.  If you are spending time on non-billable activity then you are losing money.  Want to be more profitable?  Become more efficient.  Work with us and together we can make the difference in your company.

Real Estate – This is Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Real Estate makes commerce happen.  Whether you are a commercial real estate firm, a residential real estate broker or a real estate developer, contractor or management company, we can work with you.

No matter if you run a real estate agency or manage properties for clients, real estate accounting can be complex. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In all of these roles, well-managed real estate accounting can make all the difference. Mistakes could cost you (or your clients) a lot of money. We have the resources to create an integrated and connected eco-system for your company.  Spend less time about wondering where the money is going and more time focused on being profitable.

Our goal is to free owners and entrepreneurs from the daily operational grind to focus on what they love; creating, solving problems and making an impact on their employees, clients, and community.

Our cloud-based accounting solutions are efficient, exciting, and approachable. Let’s change the way you do business for the better.

Want to know more, then reach out to us.  Email, phone or maybe send a Raven.

Spring is coming or is it already here?



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Michael Tannery CPA CDFA® AIF® ●  CEO
Registered Principal


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