Ever get STRESSED about life and how you are going to accomplish everything you have to accomplish?  Trying to live the Financial Olympian™ Creed and feeling maxed out financially?  Wondering how you are going to accomplish EVERYTHING?

We all go through the peaks and valleys of life, even the “Super Friend” you have on Facebook.  You know the one, new travel spots every weekend, a new car they won at an auction or maybe it’s all the baby or grandbaby pictures trolling through your feed.  Even these people have stress and struggle.

Twice over the last four months, I have reached times when I said, “No More” and I knew my internal system was overstretched and maxed out.  That is a major reason I needed and wrote about my “Total Disconnect Three Day Weekend”.

I have learned in life that when I feel out of kilter or off track, I stop and focus on regaining my equilibrium ASAP.  These are my FIVE REBOOTS for getting myself back on track.

  1. Rock, Scissors, Paper and a pen!
    When your systems are overloaded, your body senses the panic.  Stress is your mind and body’s way of telling you to reboot.  This doesn’t mean you need to yank out your hard drive and get a new mother board.  You need to get all the junk in your head out and start fresh.  Write it down.  Grab the notepad and make a list.  Put the big items onto paper and give yourself the ability to reboot and refocus.  We like to use this REBOOT CUE at Tannery & Company, “What you can measure, you can accomplish”.
  2. Take a hike
    The phone is ringing and you have an inordinate amount of unanswered emails that need a response. Internally you think, “I am SUPERMAN/WOMAN and I can do it all”.  It may work for a while and then it just doesn’t.  Stress overcomes that kick of adrenaline or was that caffeine from the fourth cup of coffee today?  Stop what you are doing and take a 15-minute break.  Disconnect from technology and go for a walk.  Work in a high rise?  Take the stairs down and walk around the block.  Go sit outside or maybe in an empty conference room.  Take the time to close your eyes and breath.  When you are refreshed, then grab the list you made and get to work.  No list, go back to REBOOT #1.
  3. Cross the Finish Line
    When you are bamboozled by the impact of getting too much information at one time, simply completing the easiest of tasks becomes as difficult as doing burpees.  (I hate Burpees) Change the internal mind game and pick a task and finish it.  Cross it off the list and feel the energy creep back inside you as the positive emotions take over.  One of the best books to read about this is Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy 
  4. NO is a complete sentence!
    Why?  Why? Whether you have a toddler around the house or you have listened to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action  you have to ask the question “WHY”.  If you are not asking why am I doing this or maybe not doing this, then I would suggest that you may not be aligned with your work or personal goals.  Maybe you need to say NO.
  5. Are your tires full of air?
    The skinny tires on my bicycle require 120 pounds of pressure to work properly and allow me to use the least amount of energy to succeed when I ride.  When they are low on air, I have to work harder and if I get a flat, then it is up to me to make a change.  When you have a problem with what you are doing, then stop and do a self-diagnostic to determine the problem.  If you don’t stop the problem is only going to get worse and then you will be possibly faced with a blowout or a crash.  Keep your systems running properly.

Make these the KEYS for your personal dashboard.  When you find yourself out of stressed or off-track as we all get from time to time, then you can stop, grab your KEYS from your personal dashboard and REBOOT for Success


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