The year that seems to last for five years has ended.  Yet, has that changed anything?  No, it is just a date on a calendar that allows us to clean the board and start over.

Many of you made resolutions on December 31 about goals for the new year.

Have you checked back in with them to see if you are on track?.

Statistically, the first day of a goal is the most difficult.  Want to set a goal?  Decide what your goal is and divide it by ten.

Make that your goal.

A speaker and author that I enjoy reading and receiving his weekly blog is Jon Acuff.  I would encourage you to get his weekly emails and see how they fit you and your organization.

Recently, he wrote about “How to Read 100 Books in a Year”. 

It sounds daunting, and yet if you follow his advice can be simple, fun, and easily achieved.

Yet, the daunting part of “I AM GOING TO READ 100 BOOKS THIS YEAR” will crush you in about two weeks when all you have read is the magazine at the checkout stand.

How about 1/10 of that goal.


I read two over the Christmas weekend, but I am not going to count them.

What I am going to do is continue to schedule a time for me and disconnect from the electronic devices.

Digital or Print

Yes, I read a book or three on my Kindle App; however, I like to sit and turn the pages.

I might be on to something, according to

In July, they published “Reading on Paper Versus Screens: What’s the Difference?”

It turns out that print reading is more straightforward to comprehend than digital. Simultaneously, formatting has not impacted the reading; digital reading has shown that readers have grasped the main idea yet have missed many details.

I am going to get started on my goal Friday.  I have the first book picked out and another that has languished on my nightstand for several months.   Once I am through these two, I am 20% of the way towards my goal.

I will “Finish” my goal, reward myself, and set a new goal.

What are you reading in January 2021?

I need some new reading ideas and welcome yours.  Who knows what I might discover?

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