As Memorial Day approaches, marking not just the unofficial start of summer but a profound moment to honor the men and women who gave their lives in military service, it’s a poignant time to reflect on our societal values and connections.

Amid our bustling, tech-dominated lives, it’s easy to forget the impact one individual can have. Since the launch of smartphones, our attention has increasingly been hijacked by screens, overshadowing the real connections that form the fabric of our community.

It’s 2024, and while we’re more connected digitally than ever, this Memorial Day, I challenge you to disconnect from your devices and reconnect with those around you. Look around; perhaps it’s your child’s friend who needs a mentor or a coworker who’s struggling silently. You have the potential to be the “one person” who significantly impacts their life—perhaps not forever, but for a moment that matters.

We all reel from the tragedies relayed through our newsfeeds, which seem to occur with alarming frequency. While some channel their responses into political debates, I urge you to consider a more immediate and personal influence. Start today. Make a difference by simply being there for someone near you.

As we enjoy the long weekend and the festive beginning of summer this Memorial Day, let’s make it more meaningful. Disconnect from your emails and apps; reconnect with family, friends, and even strangers. Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.

Let’s remind ourselves: We all need each other now more than ever.

Michael Tannery, CPA, CDFA®, AIF®

CEO and Principal | Tannery & Company

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