Election day November 5, 2019, is just  around the corner and for Texans, this may be one of the most important votes we can make.
I am and would recommend that you vote yes on Proposition 4.
Texas Proposition 4, the Prohibit State Income Tax on Individuals Amendment, is on the ballot in Texas as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on November 5, 2019.

“yes” vote supports adding an amendment to prohibit the state from levying an income tax on individuals to the Texas Constitution, which requires a two-thirds legislative vote and a statewide referendum to amend.
A “no” vote opposes this amendment, thus continuing to allow the state to enact a tax on individuals in the future through a simple majority legislative vote and a statewide referendum.
Why are we having this vote?
As of 2019, the Texas State Constitution requires the state legislature to put legislation enacting an income tax before voters as a statewide referendum, which voters could approve or reject.
A Yes Vote stops the idea of Texas ever having a personal income tax.
Texas is one of seven states that do not have an income tax and I hope you join with me in voting yes.  Yes=No Personal Income Tax.
Let’s keep our advantage over other states!
Enjoying this fall weather.


Michael Tannery

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