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After a year plus of lockdowns, vaccines, and masks, “The Holiday’s” are here.   Thanksgiving is Thursday, Hannukah is Sunday and Christmas is 30 shopping days later. Due to all these life interruptions, Tina and I spent last Thanksgiving having dinner together. Just us.  As much I love the intimacy of dinner and conversation with Tina.  Missing family sucked.

Fast forward to 2021, and Hello, family!!!

I am ready for the fun, excitement, and joy of having family, fun, and food.  Nothing has changed; I will still skip having more than a small serving of turkey.  I am all about the sides, pie, and wine.  Coconut Cream is my pie choice, and yes, if you ask, I will share the recipe.

Our Business Family

As a business family, Tannery Company is thankful for our clients and friends who invite us daily into their life to support, assist and guide them towards a bountiful life.

On December 2, 2021, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tannery Company.  

We started on our 1st wedding anniversary and according to wedding tradition the first year’s wedding gift was paper.  New account paper all over the house.  It was 90 days before we moved to our 1st office.

I know that neither Tina nor I would have expected that 20 years later we would be back working at our house by choice.

If you have been in the office on any day other than Monday, you will know that we have adopted a flexible schedule for working from home.  Having a great team makes this work for us and you.

The Tannery Team

2021 has brought us two additions to our work family.  

In May, Ashley Graban and her husband Jason, with daughters Rory and Shea escaped California, and “King” Newsom.  They fled England like the Pilgrims, searching for religious freedom.  Ashley, Director of Client Services, is focused on Financial Planning and works closely with the entire wealth management team.  Her attention to detail is impressive.

This November, we welcome Ben Garrett to our wealth management team.  Together with Heather and sons Benjamin and Hudson, they have been tax clients of our firm since 2008. 

Take the time and connect with each of them on LinkedIn.

Ashley GrabanBen Garrett

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and all the joy of Clark as the Christmas lights come on.

The Tannery Team

Michael, Tina, Jill, Jennifer, Brad, Ashley, Ben

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