I recently had an eye-opening experience returning from a quick weekend getaway with Tina.

The Wi-Fi was not working during our flight back, and I rediscovered an old game I hadn’t played in several decades.  (the book I had with me was completed on the previous flight)


Boredom solved!

I struggled to recall the rules about stacking cards from highest to lowest, alternating suit colors, and the role of Aces. Yes, I like to win, even at card games on a computer!

While struggling, I noticed that the game had a “Hint” feature, which took points away, leading me to lose the game. This is not a desired outcome for me!

Enter the Expert

What happened next at 34,000 feet was incredible.

I complained to Tina about the rules and losing the first game when the woman beside Tina asked if I needed some guidance.  

As it turned out, Ashley was a solitaire expert and began to give me her guidance. As I played through the game and got stuck, Ashley directed me, with her experience, to the various tips and shortcuts.

Thanks to her assistance, I spent the next 90 minutes enjoying the outcomes of playing solitaire. Her knowledge turned my frustration into an achievement!

Do you have an Ashley?

In the world of tax planning and tax minimization, I wondered how many people have a Savvy CPA who can guide them through the maze of tax laws and turn their frustration into achievements.

Are you a professional or a business owner relying on hope when it comes to your tax strategy, or worse, not utilizing the expertise of a Savvy CPA? In that case, it’s akin to playing Solitaire without experts or guidance.

Successful professionals and business owners often have a trusted advisor, their “Ashley,” who guides them through critical planning, implementation, and execution.

Can I Deduct That?

“Can I deduct that?” is the most asked question from our new and current business tax clients at Tannery Company. Our answer is usually yes and lots more.  What does your current CPA say? No -then you deserve better.

You deserve to have your own “Ashley” on your team, and that’s where Tannery Company and our team come in.  

We are the reliable advisors you need in your corner. Your single trusted source for tax, accounting, and wealth management

We’re currently accepting a limited number of new clients. 

If you are ready to think differently about accounting, income taxes, and how much you pay annually in income taxes, schedule a call now.

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