Reflections today on life, taxes, and immigration from California.


It feels good to see our friends and neighbors interacting in ways that have disappeared in the last 12 months.

While we continue to grow back into normal, I encourage you to shop, buy and dine locally.  These are our neighbors, friends and they have depended on us, and then return to what we all love to do is great; they need some special loving.  If you want to visit one of my favorite places, see Joe Covino at Covino’s and have the best pizza in DFW. Covino’s is BYOB (Of course it is Michael!)  I might be there tonight at my favorite patio table.


In the latest tax act, the American Rescue Plan, there is a change to the childcare credit. If you have children under the age of 12 and under, please pay attention to what is happening as it will impact your 2021 tax filing, and you may owe taxes in April 2022.

The change to the Childcare Credit for 2021 is that beginning in July 2021, the US Government via the IRS, will send qualifying taxpayers checks as an early payment of the childcare credit.

Next week’s Tannery Company blog will be all Child Care Credit, what to expect, and steps your family needs to undertake to prevent a surprise in April 2022.

California Immigration

As a native Texan, I am used to immigration from other locals. It has created incredible places to dine in North Texas.

However, all these Californians moving here might give us all cause for concern until you get to meet and work with the newest Tannery Company team member – Ashley Graban.

Ashley and her family moved her to join her brother and sister.  Ashley joins us from another CPA/Wealth Management team in Capistrano, California, with close connections.  (Thanks to Peter Prescott)

Ashley joining our team as Director of Client Services increases our abilities, and together we are all excited for the future.  I know that several of you have already enjoyed working with her on your Right Capital Financial Plan account or solving account issues.

Connect with her on LinkedIn, or you can email her hello

Summertime and the Living is Fine

Finally, the late Spring monsoon has ended, and Summer is here.  What are your plans this summer?  Are you just getting out and about locally or traveling afar?

We would love to know your plans and how we can support you as this economy continues to evolve.

Have a great Fathers Day Weekend,

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