The Labor Day weekend, the end of summer and the kickoff for tailgating, BBQ’s and college football.

Whether you are just starting college, graduated a few years ago or are beginning to look at which college to attend, the hardest part of college and life are the same.

The hardest part of life is” Saying No”.

That might sound like a weird or unusual answer, however, NO is the simplest answer.  No is one letter shorter than yes.  No is the most powerful word that we fail too often to use.

When you are in college temptations abound.  How do you avoid those temptations?

It is as simple as saying

No to Pizza at midnight

No to going out on a week night because you need to study

No to the person down the hall trying to persuade you to do something that is against your better choices.

It is wise to get used to saying NO.

No translates into life very quickly and can impact your future financial and personal life.

A key to future financial success is NO Credit Card debt.  Paying someone else a crazy amount of interest is ridiculous.  The math is simple, $10,000 of credit card debt costs from $1,499 to $2,499 per year in interest.  That is money that you could save or spend on other items versus paying the credit card company.

Personally, saying NO just became a law today in Texas.


The hard-won statewide texting ban doesn’t go nearly as far enough. It simply makes it illegal for drivers to “read, write, or send an electronic message while operating a motor vehicle unless the vehicle is stopped.”

Texting while driving is an easy habit to get into and difficult to stop

Take 40 seconds and watch this funny VIDEO maybe it can help you say NO.

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