Congrats to both the graduates and their parents.  Achieving a college, master’s or Doctorate degree takes a commitment to learning and the perseverance of staying the course over the length of your education.

The reward for those years of hard work is now coming your way as you start your career and begin building your future.

Take the time NOW to establish these five disciplines.  They will ensure that your financial future will be on a solid foundation and will keep you from looking up a decade from now and wondering what happened.

Establish a spending plan

Yes, that is right a SPENDING PLAN.  The first step of that spending plan is to save 10% of your gross pay in a savings account.  Your goal is to save six months of living expenses.  Make this and other savings automatic through either your employer or your bank.

Start your retirement plan

Aas you start employment, start with 5% of your gross pay and increase it 1% annually until you max out.  If your company does not have a retirement plan then start your own IRA.  Fund it with automatic drafts from your checking account monthly.

Rethink your living style.

This is the greatest mistake that most graduates make upon entering the career phase.  Get a roommate and share the expenses.  Keep your rent, utilities and monthly fixed costs at or below 25% of your gross pay.  Do NOT create credit card debt.  If you don’t have the money don’t spend it.

Pay your bills on time

Create the habit of paying your bills on time.  Use an automatic payment to create efficiency.  Neglecting this habit can destroy your credit and cost you thousands of dollars in interest cost.  Your credit score is an important investment.

Learn to cook

Create a weekly meal plan on Sunday.  Do the shopping and prepping for the upcoming week.  This eliminates the unplanned dining out which can destroy your cash flow.  Don’t become one of the Financial Zombies.

Bonus Goal

Becoming financially discipline begins with measuring your progress. For our clients, we provide a service that gives them a weekly update on these goals and their progress.

If you would like to try out the same service as our clients, then email me and we will set your weekly progress and accountability portal up. Cost – there is none.


It is the first step toward escaping the world of the Financial Zombies.

Congrats on your graduation!

Michael Tannery

Registered Principal

Tannery & Company

Tax – Accounting – Wealth Management

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