If drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for your body what is the equivalent of this for digitally detoxing your mind?

Thursday morning in Atlanta, Georgia, I am attending our quarterly business coaching session with Ray Sclafani, CEO and Founder of Clientwise.  Of course, I use technology to get my day started.  No need for the old fashion wake up call, I set my alarm on my Fitbit to wake me for a morning run before spending a day with a dozen of my peers.

Compared to Atlanta, Richardson Texas is damn flat.  That was the amazing awakening as I turned right out of the hotel for a morning run.  It is good to get out and see pine trees and less humidity than we have had in North Texas.

Returning to the room, showered and dressed to go for the dayI grabbed my IPhone and began reviewing emails.  A couple caught my eye immediately.  Why?  One was sent to me at 12:45 AM and the other was at 4:00 AM.  Both were from clients that are leaders in their companies.   I wondered how or if they ever disconnected from the digital world.

Technology invades our life by the minute and I am alarmed at what the potential health issues that may be caused that we are yet to discover.

I offer you a technology that you may want to consider using and a challenge for you to consider as a way to let go of the addiction of being connected 24/7.  (Wait, yes, I am suggesting more technology and letting go in the same sentence.). Stay with me and I think you will find opportunity to change your life.

Technology first – Boomerang by Gmail.  Check out the technology at http://www.boomeranggmail.com/.  What does it do?

With Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time.  No more appearing to your clients and the world at large that you are available 24/7.  Not only will it send it when you want, then it will also ensure that you get the followup that you want by being notified of a reply or if no one replied.  Either way, no more messages slipping through the crack and the possibility of letting a message slip through the cracks.

Now that we have a way to eliminate looking like your available 24/7 how about letting go and really being unavailable for an extended time period.

Ray Sclafani does this every August when he goes on vacation with his family for two weeks.  During this time, he turns his phone off.  Before he leaves for vacation, he forwards his phone to a team member who has the authority to handle everything unless it is “unequivocally urgent”.

Preparation for this is the key.  Ray lets his clients know that he is going to be away and who can handle any needs while he is away.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  If you are not developing and creating a strong team then you are going to struggle with this until you take the step to let go and develop your team.

Ray describes it as “liberating and an incredible feeling”.

I know that asking you to let go completely is more that you might be able to accomplish.  My request is for you to take a small step.  Call it Summer break.

Here is the request – let go of your phone every night at 7.  No email, no texting, no Facebooking or playing Words with Friends.   Then start your day by not grabbing your phone.  Let your morning begin with you and your family.  Just like you used to set limits for your children about how much TV they could watch, set a reverse limit for yourself about how much time you can spend in your personal time on the digital connection.

I have started this and you can imagine that how I worried about my “limited digital detox”.  I was extremely nervous about what my e-mail inbox would look like, how many voicemails and text messages I’d have, and what kind of fires I’d need to put out on the business front.

But amazingly, I have found that things are just fine.

And life, my body, and my brain felt very, very good. Detoxed and refreshed.

Have a great Summer weekend.

Let me know your thoughts about “Your Digital Detox

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