Tuesday morning at 6:30 am, I am coming in from a walk with Buddy

Tina says “Did you get my text?”

I reply, “No my phone is here”.

Picking up my phone I see It is not the kind of text you want to get when you are hot and sweaty from a run or when it is coming to you from your significant other.

The text says “Be prepared for a cold shower. No hot water”.

No hot water is, of course, my responsibility. It is written somewhere in the husband’s responsibility manual.

I immediately go through a mental checklist.

  • Did I pay the gas bill?  It is on auto draft and of course, it was paid.
  • Is the hot water heater broken and is there water all over the hallway?  Quickly walking down the hallway without the squish of water immediately answers my question.
  • Is the pilot light out?  I open the door to the hot water heater. This one has modern technology, an electric automatic lighter and it does not want to relight.

There is only one thing to do, besides preparing myself for a quick cold shower.

Call my guy – Clem Heick.

In a world of “google everything,” it is important to have connections.

In the book, The Power of Who – by Bob Beaudine, describes how each of us has a best friend, several good friends, and a few more close friends.  He calls them your “Who’s”

These are important people in your life that you can count on to be there when you need them.  Unfortunately, in many ways when we need them most, we either won’t or don’t reach out to them.  Why do we search for the answer online versus just picking up the phone and calling one of your “Who’s”?

Each of your connections has their own network of people. This is where true opportunity lies.

I have learned that by asking for assistance from my personal and professional “Who’s” I have developed many trusted contacts that assist me in nearly any need.  I enjoy getting calls that begin with, “do you have a guy……..”.  Connecting others is a joy and a true testament of faith.

That brings me back to the reality of taking that cold shower.  Before I stepped into my very abbreviated shower, I reached out to Clem.  A quick discourse and I was assured that by the end of the day my problem would be solved.

By mid-morning, I get the text, “All fixed, you can take a hot shower”.

Who is Clem Heick?  He is an outstanding contractor who has great connections.  It was his plumber connection that made the cold shower go away.  If you have a need that involves your house let me know and I will connect you.

Many of you have great connections just like Clem.

Tell me who they are.

Enjoy the weekend as we get a taste of damp, warm, wet, crisp and cool.  Early Spring in Texas is full of surprises.


PS       Have you had your AC checked?  I have a gal………..


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