A couple of significant influences in my life are both sports-related.  I am sure that comes as little surprise to those that have know me for a long or short time.

The first was Blackie Sherrod, an American journalist and sportswriter who wrote for the Temple Telegram, Fort Worth Press, Dallas Times Herald, and The Dallas Morning News in a career that spanned more than sixty years. I was a Dallas Times Herald paperboy (early entrepreneurial experience) when I first read his columns.

On Sunday, his column was Scattershooting, which makes him the world’s first blogger.

The other influence is Dale Hansen of WFAA.  I despise him for what he did in 1986, leading to SMU Football getting the death penalty.   Despite that, he was doing what the leaders at SMU would not do.  He was doing his job.  The undercover reporting spring boarded him in his television career that now counts 37 years at WFAA, and he just signed a new two-year contract.

Dale Hansen’s Unplugged started in 1982 with his Thank God For Kids and has evolved over the years.  You either agree with him or you do not, and both of those are ok.

Over the decade of writing nearly weekly blogs, there have been times when I just wanted to say what was on my mind.  Yes, I usually would go ahead, but I decided based on a few events this week that I would, from time to time, have my mixture of being unplugged and Scattershooting.  I would hope that both Blackie and Dale would appreciate the effort.


Our Website

It looks good, considering it is a late 2015 version.  The best worst part about it is that you get Buddy, Tina Tannery, and me if you are coming to see Our Team.

There are six of us!  Not TWO!  Well, seven, including the darling lazy office dog with the loud bark and the penchant for needed belly rubs.

We have updated the pictures, and I would suggest you take the time to see everyone who makes up the Tannery Company Team.  Click HERE

We want your feedback on the new look pictures.   Please email us and let us know if you like the new look.

It will be changing and looking like a 2021 website soon.


Probably just like most of you, I am ready to see the COVID exit stage left.  It has been an unwelcome intrusion and impacted families around the world.  It is even more painful for those who have lost family and strips us from their joy and additions to our lives.

A few of you know, but I rapidly developed a 100+ fever and the shakes on Monday after lunch.  Hit me like a Mike Tyson punch.  Thankfully by evening, I had been diagnosed with an infection somewhere from my Kidney’s to the exit point.

Tuesday was a day spent either in or near the bed.

Wednesday, I went to get the COVID test.  I knew from my friend’s comments that I was probably not going to enjoy these 45 seconds of my life.

I have no idea why the CIA and other organizations use waterboarding as an interrogation technique.  A trained medical technician with a six-inch cardboard Q-tip is lethal, and nobody gets wet.   My nose has not been this clean since I was born.

Thursday evening, I received my results – POSITIVE!

I am doing well – no fever, no sore throat, a minor cough and have my office set up at home.

Even more importantly, Tina went to get tested Friday, and she was NEGATIVE.

The Election, Friends, and Neighbors

I voted and hoped you did as well.  Some of my candidates won, and some did not. Probably the same thing happened to you.

The first time I voted for president, my candidate lost.  I wish I could say I was 100%, but I am not.  I could be a poll authority with my record because they are so bad, how bad, they cannot even be weather forecasters.

Where I struggle with this in life is about winning and losing.  It happens, and it will continue to happen.  I am concerned that with social media interruptions in our daily life and the  “Cupcake Generation.”  we have lost the ability to have a conversation, disagree, and continue to move forward.

Rather than continue the discourse too often today, we are blocked purely for not agreeing.  How are we to learn if we stay divided?  We need to listen and learn from others.  You do not have to agree or disagree.

The Far Side by Gary Larson

The picture above is my favorite of his satirical cartoons.  His humor is simple and effective.  The best news is that after two decades of no Far Side Desk Calendars – they are back.

Comments and Feedback

The ideas and writings are mine; I look forward to the comments and feedback which without neither of us can grow.

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