It’s the most wonderful time of the year  – Back to School.  Whether you loved having your children home for the summer or whether you think the most beautiful sight in the world is that big yellow bus, kids are headed back to school.

Are you ready to spend $500 to $1,000?  That is what the average family spends in the first 30 days of back to school shopping according to Peter Dunn, 60 Days to Change: A Daily How-To Guide With Actionable Tips for Improving Your Financial Life.

Five Ways to Use Technology to Save on Back to School Shopping

Retail Me Not promises “500,000+ Coupons for 50,000 Stores” on their site. By aggregating sales and coupons from major retailers like Nike, JC Penney, Target, Payless, as well as smaller, local retailers, this app has the potential to save you a lot of money by dropping exclusive deals, discounted gift cards, and cash-back offers into the palm of your hand.

Walmart has a feature that allows users to type in their zip code to find a list of local schools, and the schools’ specific supply lists. Each list is broken out into the supplies along with the quantity the teacher’s request. Click on the Find Items link for Walmart prices.

 School Tool Box, allows shoppers to find their own school’s lists and often serves as a school fundraiser. This tool also divides the lists further by gender, which some schools require.

Amazon – Back to School No time to get out and go shopping for school supplies?  Then click on the link and use your Amazon Prime account and you can have them on your doorstep by the time you get home.

Apple Back to School or Microsoft Back to School No matter your technology preference you can find discounts on the technology that your student needs to excel at school.

Go Old School – Just like after Christmas shopping, there is after Back to School Shopping season.  About four weeks after school starts is when most of the large department stores and all-purpose stores begin taking school items off their shelves.  Savings of 30% to 50% discounts kick in and you can save on binders, school supplies, and even clothes.  The key to success is to make a list of what you need for each child and only get the required items now and then get the extras on a sale.

If you want to know the cost and what you might need to save for your children’s college education, go to Tannery & Company to set up an appointment.

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