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With all the technology that you use do any of these scenarios sounds familiar?

Scenario #1: I want to check my allocation on my 401(k), but I need to login into my account to do so.

Crap. What was my password again? 

Scenario #2: I need to see how my kids’ college savings plans are doing.

I know that password is here somewhere . . . .

Scenario #3: The market has been doing well lately . . . finally! I wonder how my Roth IRA is performing.

Was my username my 1st or 2nd kid’s middle name? Ahhh!!!

Scenario #4: I wonder what all of our credit card balances are?

What is the sign on for all of those accounts?

Trying to remember 14 different passwords is a bear. On top of that, it’s frustrating when you can’t see all your checking, savings, investments and liabilities in one place.

Sure, places like Mint.com will do a decent job of showing you the numbers. But what about showing you some portfolio analysis and your entire net worth.

Some investment firms offer this, but it’s usually not for free. Not by a long shot!

Well, we are not some investment firm.  In everything we do, we believe in challenging the outdated status quo.

For our clients, we provide a service that can aggregate all your financial accounts in one place.  We take it a step further by sending you and your spouse a weekly email that shows you the week over week change in your total net worth.  Which eliminates that ongoing question of, “Hey Honey, how are we doing?”

If you want to experience this service for yourself, then simply send us an email and we will invite you to our service.  Cost = NONE unless you count the cost of not knowing and not being able to answer the “Hey Honey” question.



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Michael Tannery CPA CDFA® AIF® ●  CEO
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