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Whether the Super Bowl is entertaining or not, there is always Halftime and the Super Bowl Commercials.  Which might interfere with all the Valentine’s Day emails and advertisements that are showing up in every social media feed I have.

This confluence of the advertising with Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl back to back has never happened before.  

Sunday the Clydesdales return to the Super Bowl and the day after is Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl of “emotional buy me now advertising” and over/under commitment anxiety.

The overload of choices is obviously creating instant purchase anxiety around the USA.

I would not want to be a person in the early, or middle throes of a new relationship.  The expectations would be the undoing of me.  Retreating to the couch with a pizza and wine might be my plan.

In my life, I once heard that “Expectations are nothing more than predetermined resentments.”  Go into this weekend with a plan and zero expectations.

In keeping with the resolve of trying to prevent the misuse of funds and keeping relationships/marriages strong, I present for your use

Here’s the Plan

This is a “do as I suggest” and not a good “let us think about it” blog.

Michael Tannery


While you are planning for the Super Bowl this Sunday please remember before you buy 2022 season tickets this marks the 9,513th day since the Dallas Cowboys participated in the Super Bowl. 

Valentines Day is on MONDAY, February 14.  It is a school day and a workday for many unless you are one of the anticipated 16.1 million workers that call in sick with Super Bowl hangovers.

This means that you need to get your plan in place on Saturday if you stand a chance of winning Valentine’s Day 2022.   Olympic Scoring included.

Five Pro Tips to Win on Valentine’s Day

  1. Let’s start with a layup for parents with school-age children.  Go buy the colored construction paper and together make your spouse/significant other a Valentine’s Day card from the “Kids”.  It’s a certain emotional win and probably will still be on the refrigerator in December. 
    Difficulty 3 Creativity 8+
  2. Going easy on the start, the one certain impact that will backfire is when you stop at the grocery store on the way home for the chocolate-dipped strawberries and the roses.  Yes, every marketer at a major grocery store has made it simple and easy to do this.  This is not a NIKE moment.  DON’T DO IT    Difficulty 0 Creativity -5
  3. Valentines Day is for the entire family.  Cards, where you write a note in them, are always treasured and many are kept.   Don’t stop at your spouse/significant other, get them for your children and parents.  No one expects it.  Life is short, be Clint Eastwood and make someone’s day.
    Difficulty 5 Creativity 10
  4. This is a repeat of all my previous Valentine’s Day plans, this is a forever gift.  Go to your favorite nursery and purchase a rose bush or tree and plant it with your Valentine.  It is a forever gift.  In our front yard is a Japanese Maple that we purchased and planted together. The annual beauty reminds us of the growth of our relationship over time.
    Difficulty 0  Creativity 10
  5. The “It’s Not About Me Gift” nothing says Valentine’s Day like buying your spouse/SO/lover lingerie for them to wear for you.  The gift is not about them it is about you.  Total Failure.  Switch the mindset and give them something that is all about them.  Have no clue where to start? Here is an example of how you can give a gift that is all about them.   

Does your Spouse/SO/Lover have a friend they have not seen in a while due to life/COVID?   Use some of those stored up travel miles and send them to see their friend or plan a long weekend where they meet up and spend the time together.

We all need those special people in our life and giving this as a gift will recharge all of us.

Have a great weekend, I am rooting for the Bengals on Sunday and have my Valentine’s Day all planned.

May Cupid Be with You

Featured Image Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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