In the Movie “Patton” we are led to believe that in just 24 hours General George C Patton had his army pivot 90 degrees, march in the snow and re-engage on December 26, 1944, in the Battle of Bastogne.  In reality, Patton and his officers had begun planning an offensive move in early November 1944.Just like Patton, our general, Tina Tannery, began planning our move in early January and along with Jill Platt and Jennifer Livingstone executed it perfectly on Thursday, February 28 to our new office.  We are just east of 75 on Campbell Rd.

The address:
740 E Campbell Rd
Suite 120
Richardson, TX 75080

We are located on the 1st floor of the Eastside Building.  The building is ten stories and red brick located at the intersection of E Campbell and Lakeside.  There is a traffic light and a Chase Bank at the intersection.Our transition is not complete as we are in temporary space.  Our suite is under construction and we are next door in Suite 110.  We will move into our final space in late April.


No move would be complete without the unexpected.  The space we are occupying “was” completely wired and ready for us to utilize our new VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system.  Somewhere along the chain of construction command, the not to demo the ethernet wiring and switches was missed.

We had to make our own 180-degree pivot last Thursday and utilize the flexibility of VOIP.  Currently, when you dial our extensions you are sent to our personal cell phones.  The great news for us is that if you leave a message, we get an email of the voice mail.

Our main number remains the same 214-239-4700.

Our extensions are:
Michael         101
Jennifer        102
Jill            103
Tina            100


In the middle of all her planning for our move and being economic and realizing with her heel surgery that her deductible was completely made for 2018, Tina got her annual mammogram on December 29.  The result was not good news.  An MRI biopsy followed in mid-January.

Tina received the best of bad news soon after.  Tina was diagnosed with DCIS.  DCIS is also known as Cancer 0.  DCIS is considered non-invasive or pre-invasive breast cancer. DCIS can’t spread outside the breast, but it still needs to be treated because it can sometimes go on to become invasive breast cancer (which can spread)

Tina consulted with her doctors and decided that the best alternative for today and her health in the future was to undergo a double mastectomy.

Surgery was Monday, March 4.  The surgery was successful and after an overnight stay came home Tuesday afternoon.

She should be out of the office for most of the month of March.  Although from this morning she was still in command giving Jennifer, Jill and I orders on what needed to be completed from her bed via her cell phone.  She may be in the background but will be involved.

A note from me

I want to say thanks to all our clients and friends for the incredible support as we have transitioned to our new home after 5,001 days in II Creeks.  We are excited about the future of our company and the opportunities ahead.

Tina and I both want to say thank you to Jennifer and Jill for the persistence and continued support of our vision.
My weekly writing has been intermittent, and I will be returning this Friday with The Five Top Tax Questions Clients are asking this Year.

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