It has begun.The annual ritual of children returning to school.It doesn’t matter whether it is the first year of kindergarten or the last year of college, it marks a turning point in our lives for both the student and the parent.With that starting day, it is an evolution of days, weeks and weekends filled with activities – Dances, plays, football and volleyball and many other school related activities.

Yet in the midst of the initial back to school chaos is an opportunity for you to focus and make a difference in your life.I challenge you to take the 95 days between Monday, August 22 and Thanksgiving November 24 and focus on you.

The Next 95 Days.

Balance in your life is always important as you create your life. Just like you, I struggle daily with finding balance.  We all know that it is too easy to get out of balance and focus on one area to the detriment of the other important areas of your life.

For these 95 days, I want you to think of a “VITAL ONE”.  The Vital One is the one activity that will give you success in each area of your life.

These six areas represent different areas of my life that need daily focus and attention.

Family Matters – this is your vision of the family in your life.  It could be a focus on time spent together, family vacations or even working on a relationship that you have with your parents or grandparents.

Social Activities – This is all about your friends, doing something for them or with them.  If could be a planned trip, having friends over or a night out.  This is connecting with your “Who Friends”.

Physical Fitness – This is about you.  What you do to maintain your physical fitness.  It could be taking on a new challenge or a new activity.  This is an opportunity to stretch yourself both literally and figuratively as you participate in new activities.

Financial Fitness – All things related to your reaching your financial goals and moving on toward your long-term goals.  This could be paying off a credit card, getting your estate planning documents complete or revisiting your budget.

Career Development – All about your career and the investment you are making in yourself and your company.

Spiritual Development – The Spiritual center of who you are as a person.  This could include both attending and participating in your church or synagogue as well as the time that you spend doing charitable work.

95 Day To Do

Take a moment to think about where you’d like to see yourself in 95 Days. What are your top goals for that period? Perhaps there was a lesson that stuck out to you because it targeted your biggest problem area.

Your Assignment – in each area list the Vital One to focus on during the next 95 days for you.  Spend a few minutes each weekend studying your 6 “Vital One’s” and plan how you are going to find time each week to focus on an activity in each area.

We want to support you in your focus to keep balance in your life and focus on maximizing your life.

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Ready to get “Back to School”


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