Good morning, I hope you have a great day planned.

Speaking of days – what day is it?

Typically, the blog emails on Friday, however, with the crush of applications for the Paycheck Protection Program (aka PPP) and income tax this week’s blog is on Saturday.

How many of you are having the same issue that I am having?

“What Day is Today”

What day is today is a refrain that too often enters my conversation as we are progressing through week 4, 5 or, 6 of sheltering in place/social distancing phase of our life!

The crisis has got to stop!  And one day soon it will.

What will the “new normal” become is a question that I have pondered?  Many of you have given me your thoughts as we have conversations.

The “crisis” gives us all opportunity to find new and different ways of working and living.  This time is a time for learning, and with the crisis, it means you have to learn it whether you wanted to or not.

When this is over, I want you to be able to say the ‘Rona Virus made me change a few things, and for that, I am grateful.

What will you say that you changed during this time?

A favorite author of mine is Jon Acuff.  I have read (more than once) his book Finish.  Add it to your must-reads.

He recently wrote about how a crisis changed his life and how he changed his life.

From his personal growth, he adopted the mindset of “Pivot don’t Panic.”

What are you doing or changing and then can say, the ‘Rona Virus has caused that?

Got something on your mind or have a question?

All of this can occur even at a distance.

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.Soon, I look forward to going back to work and having breakfast tacos and conversations with our team on Friday mornings.

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