Start_With_Why“The big picture doesn’t just come from distance; it also comes from time.”

–Simon Sinek, bestselling author of Start with Why

The answer is truly quite simple, and is shown to us over and over by The Millionaire Next Door, a book I have referenced many times.  The wealthy achieve prosperity slowly and steadily. They didn’t win the lotto or sign a multi-million dollar contract like Demarco Murray.

This simple process applies to many of life’s challenges; learning a new skill, raising children, getting or staying fit, or starting a new business.  Each of these, including becoming financially independent, is a journey that takes discipline and action over an extended period of time.

If you desire to be affluent, or need a jump start towards having your personal finances in order, (which reduces stress and makes you happier), then take a look at which of my Top 5 Apps for Personal Financial Productivity could help propel you towards becoming a “millionaire next door”. 

1. Apple Pay – With news of personal data being hacked nearly daily at the large retail stores, protecting your financial information is more important than ever.  Apple Pay allows iPhone 6 users to upload their credit and debit card info into the app so that payments can be made with a touch of the fingerprint-sensitive home button either in-store or within apps. It also provides better security since your credit card number and name aren’t being exchanged.

2. Mint – Mint may not be new, but the app has revolutionized personal finance applications continues to be relevant because the product is always improving. The latest version of the Mint app is rated even higher than past iterations thanks to new features like bill reminders and deeper transaction details. With Mint you can be very hands-on or let the app do most of the work after the initial setup.

3. Billguard – If you’ve already installed an app that provides financial overviews and goal setting, the next step is Billguard.  This app is designed to help you monitor your credit cards so that anything suspicious is caught immediately. Billguard also helps users analyze credit card spending and provides information on whether a retailer has questionable payment practices like signing people up for unwanted auto subscriptions.

4. HomeBudget with Sync This is the app for families, business partners, and teams who budget together.  What makes this budgeting app so special is its ability to sync with other approved users, like your spouse or business partner. That way you can discuss financial matters and everyone is on the same page no matter who handles the finances.

5. EMX – EMX, or “e-Money”, is the center piece of Tannery & Company’s financial planning, and easily our most widely used tool. EMX offers our clients a central location for all of their aggregate financial information. With an easy to use client-interface, and online access 24/7, our clients take comfort in knowing exactly what their financial life-picture looks like. EMX ties in and monitors everything from your mortgage payment and checking accounts, as well as various investments, insurance policies, and personal property estimates. It also serves as our portal for communicating and displaying your financial life plan.

If you want to know more about how you could use this technology in your life, then connect with Will McDonald, our Director of Planning Services, and set up a time to change your “Why am I not wealthy?” question into a plan that has goals and opportunities.

Do you have a favorite personal finance app that isn’t listed here? Share your go-to financial app with us in the comments section or on Facebook!

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