Happy New Year! Are your goals set? Want to make your 2016 a Powerful Year?


STEP 1 – Toss out the “New Year’s Resolution” approach. Lots of quick goals and no action.

STEP 2 – You have to write it down first. Take the time today and write yourself a letter dated December 31, 2016. Think back to the first day of school and in one of our classes the teacher would have you write a “What I did this summer” essay.

That is what I want you to do. I want you to write a “What I DID in 2016”.

That’s right – think it, plan it, before you make it happen.

Write it as if TODAY is December 31, 2016 and you are stating to yourself and anyone you want to share it with, what you accomplished in 2016. It is a powerful expression of your future and your intentions for the year. If you believe it then you can make it happen.

STEP 3 – Be bold and read it out loud to your spouse, your children or your employees. If you are the CEO, Team Leader, and want everyone to be on your team, then you need to open the intellectual vault and get the team onboard.

Of course it takes action to back up your story…..find a mentor or be a mentor and change your life. We challenge you to think outside the norm and make 2016 the best ever.

We will be sharing ours on Monday morning at our weekly team meeting. I want you on my team, so at the end of this email is a link to my 2016 letter. If you go read it, then let me know what you thought.

We are ready for an incredible 2016!

Michael’s Letter

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