My business coach emphasizes how my success shows up far more often when I think generously versus thinking stingy. Yet, I struggle with this concept daily.

Why?  The human brain protects us.

The reptilian part of your human brain is responsible for the most basic survival functions, such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature.

It saves us from taking the wrong step off the curb and being struck by the motor vehicle that we did not see yet in the realm of money. It has the exact opposite results.

Do you think money is abundant?

Probably not, and that is the problem – that is stingy thinking.

You need to reset your thinking and think in abundance.

What is limited is the amount of time.   Time is the enemy of abundance.

How much time do you have?

Time is the secret to having abundance both in life and money.

Do you know of someone who is always commenting about never having enough time or money?

Ask them what they do in their spare time or for leisure.  What you will find is that they never put the time to good use.

One of our clients reads books daily.  She was asked, “Where do you find the time?”

Her answer is simple, yet most miss the importance of using the time to your advantage.

“People ask me all the time how I get so much reading every year.  My immediate response is 1. Audio And, yes, I am a fast reader (people ask that all the time), and sure that helps.  But honestly, it is also largely due to times like right now  I have 20 minutes till dinner is ready………So, I sit down and read.”

Twenty minutes a day over a year is over five days of reading.

According to Inc Magazine, Individuals age 15 to 44 read an average of 10 minutes a day, but they watch TV for 2.8 hours per day.

Which would you want to be?

What is a soundtrack? 

Every Oscar-winning film has a soundtrack. Think Chariots of Fire – it is 40 years old from 1981, and if you hear the music, you immediately remember the movie.  Or maybe you start thinking of the 2012 Olympics since they reused that soundtrack.

Either way, once it plays in your head, you will hear it over and over and over.

The sound in your head makes you overthink what you are trying to achieve, especially about money.  You hear that repetitive thought that says, “you will never be rich, or you will never have enough money.”

That thought has become the money soundtrack that you learned from your parents, family, or even your co-workers.

Most bad decision-making comes from thinking money is of far greater value than time, and it is a learned soundtrack.

How do I change my money Soundtrack?

It would help if you changed the tune in your head.

When the money soundtrack begins playing in your head, change the music with these four words.

“I will have abundance.”

Stop the stingy thinking and stop wasting time.

Want to know more about how you can change the way you think about money?

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