I cannot believe this is happening; two of my favorite events are happening on the same Day!

Sunday is Valentines’ Day and the Daytona 500.  It is a perfect match for two of the most overhyped days of the year.  If you happen not to be paying attention, my comments are dripping with sarcasm.

We can start with the easy one, the Daytona 500 or “Go Fast turn left,” as Nascar is known.  There was even a Super Bowl commercial with Ryan Newman using the line, “it only turns left.”

The Daytona 500 is the biggest racing event of the year, and it is the first race.  That would be like showing up for your first day at work and retiring.  They even throw a party for you.

However, then there is Valentine’s Day.  According to the National Retail Foundation,

Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of consumers celebrating Valentine’s Day this year feel it is important to do so given the current state of the pandemic. The virus is still front and center, with 74 percent indicating it will directly impact their plans for the holiday. Those celebrating can still expect the classic candy, cards, and flowers, but there is a significant decline in the number of consumers who plan for an evening out. Less than one-quarter (24 percent) of consumers plan to gift their loved one with an evening out, the lowest in the survey’s history. Even still, 41 percent say they will plan a special dinner or celebration in the comfort of their own home.”

I am all about romance.  Roses are Red, and so is good wine.

Rather than spend money that will result in an emotional euphoric high that lasts about 36 minutes, follow the Michael Tannery Rules for Success on Valentine’s Day.

Before we get to rule number one, we need to look at the possibility that you may want to stay home in a sleeping bag. According to the most excellent weather guy of all time in the DFW area, no, it is not Pete Delkus. But Stephen McCauley.     You can find him on Facebook.  Sunday’s forecast is a high of 25 and a low of 15.

I don’t see a lot of outdoor adventures for February 14, 2021.


The 2021 Valentine’s Day theme is Go Big but Go Local – Supporting our locally owned business has been critical over the last 12 months, and that is not going to change soon.

Plan on a night in by the fire watching your go-to movie or Netflix Series.  (If you have not seen the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, then that might be a massive seven-episode binge this weekend.)

I love to cook, so my menu this Sunday will be simple and local in flavor.

Order great steaks from Deep Cuts.  It is all order via phone and pick up.  Try the Bison Ribeye with this recipe.  Coffee Rubbed Rib Eye

Splurge on wine or cocktails. You can get excellent choices and ideas from either Pogo’s Wine and Spirit’s (Lovers @ Inwood) or The Wine Authority in Richardson located in Canyon Creek and run by Kyle Kepner.  Ask him for the Michael Tannery discount.

While you are out, stop by on FRIDAY and drop into Trader Joe’s for flowers. They will not cost you the proverbial arm and a leg, and they will still be looking good on Sunday.  Make it Valentine’s Weekend.   I will get peonies if they have them.

Appetizer needs to be comfortable and straightforward both to cook and enjoy. My recommendation is Roasted Cherry Tomato Caprese. Pick up Paula Lamberts Mozzarella (local Dallas delight) at Central Market while you are shopping for some sides to go with your dinner.

On to Dessert. Valentine’s Day calls for chocolate, and there is nothing better in my mind and taste than Dark Chocolate.   Look no further than Dallas’s own Dark Chocolate Bakery  https://thedarkchocolatebakery.com/shop/

If you are not the cook, I suggest you call Joe Covino and order takeout from Covino’s Pasta and Pizza.   972-519-0345

While those are the basics of a great day, let me add a few other vital pieces of advice.

Do not forget the card.  It is critical to get out the construction paper and make homemade cards FTW if you have young children.

Do not stop Sunday afternoon at the Kroger tent and pick up flowers and chocolates no matter what you do.  It is a failure.

As for gifts, you are on your own except for my one idea.

Stay local and go to Northhaven Garden and get something you can plant in the next few weeks.  It becomes a forever gift.   Even a gift certificate works.

Have a fun warm weekend.

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