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Welcome to the Great State Fair of Texas.

Established in 1886, the State Fair of Texas promotes agriculture, education and Big Tex.  Today the Fair opens for 24 consecutive days and is the longest-running fair in the USA.  (It’s Texas – everything is bigger)

Big Tex made his debut in 1952 and yes, it is true, he started out as a Santa Claus.  Standing 55 feet tall decked out in his size 96 boots, he is a representative of everything Texan.  A visit to the fair is not complete without a picture including Big Tex.

Besides being the ultimate host, Big Tex is a great teacher of sound financial principles.

Five Money Things I learned from Big Tex

Planning is important to achieve your goal.  Plan when you are going to visit every day there are different shows and contests.  If you want to see the famed U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps straight from Washington, D.C then plan your visit and know that they will not be there on Wednesdays or after October 8.

Saving is a key foundation of financial success. Keep your unused coupons.  State Fair of Texas coupons don’t expire. Really!  So next time you’re ambling out of the State Fair of Texas on closing weekend, with just seven coupons in hand, you don’t have to waste them on a game at the Midway or buy a random bottle of water for the drive home. Stash ’em in a drawer, try not to forget they’re there, and pull out those coupons in the fall of next year. They’re worth something!

Spend Wisely – Dr. Pepper $2 Tuesdays – Bring an empty Dr. Pepper can to any State Fair of Texas gate on any Tuesday during the Fair and receive a $9 admission ticket. Tuesday Savings extend to the Midway – most rides are discounted on Tuesdays.

Be Charitable – Giving is a key to success.  Every Wednesday of the Fair: Bring 4 cans of shelf-stable food to the State Fair of Texas and receive a discounted admission of $4.00. One (4 can) donation per person.

Always eat breakfast – I think it was my mom that told me this however you can have a Shiner Bock Beer and a Fletchers Corny Dog in front of Big Tex for breakfast at the annual Red River Showdown.

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