What is financial planning?

Is it a piece of paper that tells you you will need enormous amounts of money at a certain point in your life?

A chart or a graph depicting whether your “plan” can be successful?

When you google “What is financial planning,” these are the results.

The CFP Board

“A financial plan is a document that details a person’s current financial circumstances and their short- and long-term monetary goals.  It includes strategies to achieve those goals.”

Nerd Wallet

A financial plan paints a comprehensive picture of your current finances, financial goals, and any strategies you’ve set to achieve those goals.  Good financial planning should include details about your cash flow, savings, debt, investments, insurance, and any other elements of your financial life.

This financial planning is in the analog age. 

In 2023 your financial planning needs to be digitized.

What is “Digitized Financial Planning?”

The best analogy I can give you is to imagine when the speedometer on the car was an analog needle.  When you went faster, the needle moved.

Then we moved to the digital display, which was pretty but was just the same information.  Maybe we could change the color, but no more useful information.

Yes, it is digital but just the same information.

A truly digitized speedometer is when you get a heads-up display in your car that shows you now in a 30-mile-an-hour speed zone, you are slightly speeding, there’s traffic congestion ahead, and you need to take the next right because of the congestion.

Real-time data and advice are in the DIGITIZED age.  Digitized is bringing in real-time data.  It knows where you are, where you want to go, how fast you are driving, and your direction. 

Being digitized, it gives you advice.

My car has “lane assist.”  If I go over the line, it jolts me back into the correct lane and keeps me moving forward toward my destination.

Digitized Financial Planning gathers real-time data, considers the personal goals you have established, and advises what direction your Plan needs to take.

When we took road trips in the analog age, we had maps.

Today, I use WAZE to give me the Digitized experience.


Do you have a Digitized Financial Plan or an Analog Plan?

Financial planning with Tannery Company is Digitized, and you can start today.

Click the planning link to have your Digitized Plan Financial Plan and collaborate with TanneryCompany by clicking below.

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