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Thankfulness is a Gift

Thankfulness is a Gift

A year ago, for Thanksgiving 2018 I wrote about Life Changes.

“A lot happened in the last twelve months and I have no doubt that the next twelve months brings new opportunities for all of us.

 A year ago, Tina and I had recently finished our first 70.3 Ironman and were researching how we could do two in 2019.  Suddenly in a simple misstep, we were dealing with her broken heal and what that meant for our lives.  We had plans!   God just laughed.”

 Looking back now, I see that God was just getting us prepared to undergo a change in our life, be ready for the curves in the road ahead and to be grateful for everything we have.

Thanksgiving a time for Travel, Togetherness, Turkey, and most importantly thanks for the gifts we have and experience daily.