fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

What inspires you today?

Are you adjusting to the everyday life alterations since the pandemic began?

Are you wondering what is happening with the kids’ education, missing friends, family members, and co-workers?

With worrying about the economy, your kids’ schoolwork, and people’s health and given how taxing the new normal is, how are we supposed to inspire?

This valuable resource can be elusive even in “normal” times, but right now, it can feel nearly impossible.

At Tannery Company, we get inspiration from you, our clients, and friends.  We see the impact you are making in your community, and it drives us to be better.  One way for us to be better is by adding talented people to our team.

Welcome Brad Livingstone

Brad joins Tannery Company as a Sr. Vice President, Registered Representative.  Brad brings 22+ years of wealth management experience to our team.

You might have paused when you read his last name.  Jennifer Livingstone is a crucial component of our Accounting Services team.  Together they have three athletic boys, a Freshman at McNeese State, a Junior, and a Freshman at JJ Pearce High School.

Give a big welcome to Brad by connecting either through email brad@tannerycompany.com or on LinkedIn

Election Time is 47 Days Away

With the 2020 presidential election fast approaching, some people ask: Do presidential elections influence the stock market? With this election shaping up to be incredibly volatile, there is nothing wrong with being a little concerned.

We will host a ZOOM Webinar on Thursday, October 15, 2020, at 12 – 1 PM

Join Blackrock’s Chad Dziedzic, Market Leader, Brad Livingstone, and Michael Tannery, where we will address those concerns and look at historical data and how markets have behaved in past elections to try and quell them.

Register Here

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