Is there a missing egg?

Have you ever had the pleasure of coloring hard boiled eggs with your children or grand-children and then have the “Easter Bunny” (aka Mom and Dad) hide them for finding on Easter morning?

This was an Easter tradition for our family and it made Easter morning a quick fun filled adventure to find the Easter Eggs. Of course there is no competiveness in our family and finding them first and the most was just added pleasure for the day.

When the hunting begins it is filled with screams of joy and laughter as decorated Easter baskets were filled with “their” eggs before breakfast and getting dressed in the NEW Easter dress for church. Three girls – it was a maddening mayhem to do the hair, dresses on, and off to church and lunch with relatives.

Thinking back, it was much like today’s fast paced data driven instant gratification life. Too much, too fast and not enough time spent on the important people in your life.

Sounds a lot like email, text, Snapchat, Instagram Facebook, Twitter………………….

Have you missed finding one of your “Easter Eggs” in your life?

We all have and when we do we are often reminded by a colleague, a client or a significant other that we have missed something important and need to correct the problem. We are never pleased to find out when our service or character is not up to standards.

It happens and sometimes we are given the opportunity to correct the issue and get back on track before the issue becomes so large that an unpleasant ending occurs.

When you are missing a hard-boiled hand colored Easter Egg, it will take about two weeks before you walk into the house one evening to find the incredible stench filling the entire house. Sourcing the “Bad Egg” takes moments and the remedy can be swift.

It still looks so pretty yet a rotten egg STINKS!

As we enter the Easter Weekend, I encourage you no matter your faith, to take a moment and take inventory of your life and your connections that have meaning to you.

Look hard and see if you have any “missing eggs” in your life. There is time to find them before they go bad and stink up your life.

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Happy Easter

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