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Women In Transition

Divorce hurts women not only emotionally but financially. Some of the worst financial decisions are made during the throes of divorce … decisions that can affect the rest of your life and the lives of your family. And a divorce attorney’s ability to help your financial situation—both now and in the future—can be limited.

The financial issues inherent to every divorce case are often times the ones that are the most overlooked. However, once a divorce settlement has been signed, it’s too late to change it. We can help you decide the tough financial decisions such as:

Who should keep the house?


How much will it cost to live post divorce?

What is the true cost of divorce?

How can retirement accounts be split and the money accessed?

Can we split our retirement plans?

These are all questions a trained Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can answer.

We are not attorneys; rather, we help women and their divorce attorneys decide on the most advantageous way to divide marital assets and enable them to negotiate more favorable settlements, especially when there are complicated financial and tax issues. We typically work alongside our clients’ divorce attorneys, analyzing complex financial assets, evaluating proposed settlement terms and providing projections that enable the attorney to negotiate the most favorable divorce settlement agreements. Together, we help our mutual clients emerge in the best financial shape possible: not just in the short term, but far into the future.

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ are trained to answer these questions and more during the process of divorce and to provide litigation support for their attorneys, which helps them prove and often settle their case.

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events that you will experience in your lifetime. You will be experiencing a wide range of emotions, from anger to resentment to despair. By having a financial advocate, you will have someone designated to make decisions based on the future YOU, rather than the present YOU.

Who are the 4 key players to have on your divorce team?

TCBlueStar1Family Law Attorney
TCBlueStar1Divorce Financial Advisor
TCBlueStar1Therapist / Counselor

To help you thoroughly prepare you for making these critical decisions, we will lead you through a 4 step process to increase your understanding of the overall impact of your settlement.

1. Review Current Financial Status

TCBlueStar1Compile, organize, and value assets
TCBlueStar1Analyze liabilities
TCBlueStar1Estimate immediate needs
TCBlueStar1Prepare statements of net worth
TCBlueStar1Develop realistic budgets

2. Determine Long Term Goals

TCBlueStar1Discuss and prioritize goals
TCBlueStar1Estimate future earning potential
TCBlueStar1Project retirement needs

3. Analyze The Divorce Settlement

TCBlueStar1Review after tax proposals
TCBlueStar1Estimate maintenance needs and analyze cash flow
TCBlueStar1Compare and contrast settlement proposals
TCBlueStar1Develop alternative settlement proposals

4. Manage Post Divorce Assets

TCBlueStar1Create financial plan
TCBlueStar1Oversee asset transfers
TCBlueStar1Manage investments and monitor results

Our services include, advising, analyzing, educating, preparing, supervising, and attendance at any meeting requested by the client.




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