Good morning from sunny San Diego!

I am attending the Independent Financial Group National Conference this Wednesday through Saturday.   It is a great time to reconnect with fellow advisors and Industry leaders and also enjoy cool and sunny San Diego.

The things you must think about if you are in San Diego in August.  Such as, do I need a sweater?

Seriously, I realize that the weather in DFW is normal hot August and I will be right back in it with you later this weekend. Next weekend is Labor Day and the unofficial final weekend to Summer.

This taste of cooler weather reminds me that Summer is quickly coming to a close with the change of fall just around the corner.  Big Tex will soon be standing tall at the State Fair of Texas and mornings walks/runs will be enjoyable again.

IFG National Conference 2019

This morning we kicked off with an amazing speaker from Waco Texas.  If you have not heard of Shawn Achor and all the work he has done with “Happiness” then take a few minutes and watch his Ted Talk presentation on “The Happy Secret to Work Better”.

Over the conference we will hear from Ed Slott, CPA named “The Best” source for IRA advice by The Wall Street Journal and finish with a presentation by NFL quarterback and FOX NFL co-host Terry Bradshaw.

I am excited about the conference, however, it is an unusual trip for me.  Since we started Tannery & Company in December 2001, I have always had my partner, best friend, and wife with me. I am a little lost without Tina here.


Tina is making her way through her 28 radiation treatments and will have 8 left after today.  How is she doing?  I have used the analogy that this is a 28-mile marathon.  Each day is a little tougher than the day before yet Tina has this incredible will and power that just takes her through it with a positive attitude and a smile.

A lot of that positive attitude and outlook has come from being supported by all of her “family and friends”.  I am talking about many of you that have called, texted and checked on here in your own way.  You can always reach her

I cannot express my feelings enough about all the support you have given her and I say thank you.

Strategy and Planning for 2019

During August I have met with many of you to lay out our strategy and plan for the remainder of 2019.  If we have not met together yet, please contact us and get on the calendar so we can plan for the remainder of 2019 and 2020.

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