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Not all technology is semiconductor chips and apps.

A piece of simple technology, the convex mirror, and its slogan appeared in film, a 1994 song, a 1993 album, and my favorite the 1980’s Far Side Cartoon by Gary Larson.

The phrase “objects in (the) mirror are closer than they appear” is a safety warning intended to remind how a car was closer and posed a potential problem to the driver.

Today’s we might need the same guidance as we have ridden the economic and emotional rollercoaster over the last 12 months through emotional highs, pandemic lows, and lockdowns.

  1. The Economy Is Never Constant

    Like a professional athlete, the economy cannot go at full speed all the time.  My favorite sport is NHL Hockey, followed closely by college football.

    The Dallas Stars are my hockey team!

    Due to COVID-19 and the 2021 Texas Ice Storm, Beginning February 22, 2021, the Dallas Stars play Thirty-eighth games in Sixty-eight days.  The result?

    The lack of proper recovery leads to injuries that some have shown up, and I am afraid will continue to show up in the next month or longer if they make the Stanley Cup.

    Overuse is the component that lurks in the Dallas Stars mirror.

    Personal finances have taken the same rollercoaster over the last twelve months, with some sectors of the economy thriving and some living on life support.

    In my ongoing conversations with our clients, I find the same two themes.

    “Thankfully, I have been able to withstand the hardships.”

    “I am concerned about what happens next.”

    Under stress, decision-making becomes difficult at best.

    What Can I do?

    The financial hurdle we see repeatedly is that individuals and families do not have a plan.  Critical elements in a financial plan are always planning for the “What ifs?”.

    Along with the “What If’s” is the crucial planning component of systematic savings that create a cash surplus and, in the long term, complete the financial results that you have created in your plan.

    Your Financial Plan

    Have you checked on your plan lately?

    How are you doing?

    Ask yourself the question, “What is it in your mirror that might be too close?”

    Take Action Now – Two Ideas

    NO PLAN?

    Tannery Company makes getting started easy.



    Schedule an appointment, and we can review your plan for strengths and weakness together, then craft an implementation strategy.


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