In case you have amnesia and wonder what Scattershooting is, I would refer you to my November Blog; otherwise, just read on, and you might realize that Ms. Gorman, my 7th grade English teacher, is grimacing from above at the lack of structure in this blog.   (Does she know what a blog is?)


It has been fourteen days now, and I still look for him.  If you have ever had a companion, then you understand entirely.  Tina and I both have had so many people reach out and tell us their story about their “Buddy” story.

One that touched me immensely was just this past Monday night.  Mr. Mackey is older and retired.  He lives two houses away.  On Monday, I came walking by saying hello, and then Mr. Mackey asked, “Where’s Buddy.”  I told him.

Mr. Mackey replied, “He was such a happy dog.”

Thanks to all of you who have written, texted, or called.  It just shows us that Buddy touched many lives.  I know you miss his slobbery hello’s!


Tax Season and COVID

We will have organizers out via Smart Vault on Monday, January 25, 2021.  While as a team we are in the office, we would appreciate limiting office visits to a minimum and ask that you please upload your documents to your Smart Vault portal.  If you are having issues, please call and talk to Tina Tannery.

If you want to drop the documents off, we will be glad to meet you in the parking lot and pick them up from you.   We will scan them and return the originals to you.

Our team is in the office every day; however, we are also continuing to rotate our work from home.

PPP Loans Round 2

We are working with our business clients to support them in accessing needed capital for allowing their business to survive.  If you have a business associate or friend who missed out on round 1 or needs assistance with round 2, please call us and make the introduction ASAP.  These funds will run out soon.


I know that politics are the “third rail,” and I understand we all have our personal feelings about our vote.

First, to those that voted, I applaud you.  Everyone should vote.

Secondly, next week we have the quadrennial celebration of our Constitution and Country.   It is an honor to live in this country, and we all need to celebrate the USA.


Are you reading a book that you think I would enjoy?  I enjoy many different styles and subjects.  Take a moment and let me know what you are reading and why?

I rarely watch TV, and books are my entertainment.

Fearless Forecast.

Typically, about this time of year, we have our Fearless Forecast.  It will be virtual this year, but what I need to hear from you about is what time works best?

We are going to send a Survey later today, and we need your response.  It is just like voting. No response = no voice in the decisions.

Financial Reset 2021

  1. What a mess of a year! The hardest thing was trying to plan only to realize that not going to happen. As we learned in 2020, some things are uncontrollable, but certain things are within our control, and it is up to us to actively focus on these areas. There is no better way to do this than look at your goals for the new year and a few financial items you should have on your checklist.  Here are five areas to focus on your financial goals.


Debt Strategy

Review Your Beneficiaries

Increase Your Savings

Revisit Your Financial Plan

Next week I will go deeper into each of these five areas with specific action items to make 2021 a great financial year for you.

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