We have all been exposed to some pretty heavy stuff lately—it has been a massive year—but as we head towards Thanksgiving, I thought I would take a break from COVID-19 and election madness to alert you to make you and your family safer and possibly save you up to $25,000.

My recommendation has little to do with your investments; however, it could save you and your family thousands of dollars in today’s cyber connected world.

We are all dealing with working from home and learning from home and exposing yourself to cyberattacks.  Most universities and colleges are closing at Thanksgiving, and the kids are coming home, which only increases the online presence in your house.

Cyberattacks are BIG BUSINESS.

The professionalism and sophisticated approach to cyberattacks are increasing daily.

Last week, two of our clients were impacted and potentially could have lost several thousands of dollars, yet thankfully during the hacking ruse, they both realized what was happening and stopped.

Would you have been prepared and aware?

Our Current Cyber World

The FBI recently announced the number of cyberattacks has spiked to as many as 4,000 a day.

That’s a 400% surge from pre-COVID levels.

In the past month alone, hackers broke into hospital systems in Vermont, New York, and Oregon. Hospital chain Universal Health Services recently fell victim to one of the most massive cyberattacks ever.

This recent cyber hack crippled computer systems across Universal Health Services’ 250 US facilities.

As a result of the hack, it forced doctors and nurses to use paper and pencil for record-keeping. And the hackers took down wireless vital-signs monitoring equipment.

COVID forced hundreds of millions of folks to work from home. Most of us were using personal laptops—on unsecured home internet connections—to access work files.

COVID’s work and learn from home is a dream come true for cybercriminals. This work from home is like the world’s biggest companies, all left their front doors wide open and invited all the hackers to come on into the company’s networks.

Here is what I recommend you do TODAY.

Call your homeowner’s insurance provider and ask if cyberattack coverage and identity theft is in your policy.

If it’s not, ask if they offer it as an add-on. Suppose you get another “no,” then it is time to find a new insurance company that does offer cyberattack coverage.

These days cyber coverage is just as crucial as homeowner’s insurance.

And the best thing is, it only costs pennies. My colleague added it to his existing plan for just $1 a month.

Having this coverage will ensure you don’t bear the brunt of the costs when hackers come knocking.

Please don’t think, “it won’t happen to me.”

Everyone from the IRS… to the NSA… to Amazon…. to Boeing has been hacked in the past couple of years.

These organizations spend tens of millions of dollars, shoring up their cyber defenses each year. They own some of the most sophisticated networks in the world. Yet cybercriminals still broke in.

So if hackers single you out,  you better believe they’ll find a way into your system

Call your homeowner insurance provider and take out cyber coverage today before you do all of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.

To answer your question, I do have this insurance.  Let me know if you need a new insurance introduction.

Thanksgiving Week Office Hours

We at Tannery Company have much to give thanks for this year. We thank you for placing your trust in us.

We will be closing our office on Wednesday at noon and will return to the office at 8:00 am on Monday, November 30, 2020.

If you have an emergency need, please send an email or call us on our cell phones.

I want to close by saying thank you to all who reached out and checked on me during my two week Work Staycation thanks to the COVID virus.

I am feeling great and glad to have experienced a minor case of this virus.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving,

The Tannery Team

Michael, Tina, Brad, Jill, Jennifer, Matt

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