A year goes by too quickly and yet there are days when it just seems to take forever, such is the dichotomy of life.

My blog writing is typically accomplished on either Thursday or Wednesday evening sitting at the dining room table. (Some nights there might be a glass of wine)

My view tonight is the lighted decorated Christmas Tree and it brings a bit of normalcy to what has been a “different” year.

A year ago, if I told you all the things that were about to occur in our life, you might just say, “You cannot make the _______ up”.

Yet here we are 365 days later, and I want to tell you all about the “stuff” that happened.

No, it is not all about the disruptions in life we had as an office family this year, it is the blessings that our clients and friends have given us.

Our office family has thrived despite all the disruptions and today, we all want to say thank you for being not only our client but our friend and advocate.

Your ongoing support is an unbelievable gift.

Thank you.

Our office will be closed from Monday, December 23 through Wednesday, December 25.  We will be spending time with our families.  We will be back in the office on the morning of December 26.

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Tina, Jill, Jennifer, and Michael


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